Girl About Town

That hurts, huh ... bridled anger

on the floor. Non-nonchalantly, she dropped bottle after bottle of wine into the bucket she picked from the bathroom. Wine seeped from the bottles and streamed into the bucket. After half crashing bottles and half pouring the wine into the bucket, she carried it to the bedroom. May be a cocktail will do, she thought as she passed the kitchen. The watermelon that was lying on the kitchen counter was smashed and swept into the wine bucket. Bananas were peeled and thrown into the cocktail bucket. Exquisite! She smiled as she poured the contents on the well-made bed. She stood aside to admire her work of art that seeped through the bed covers, sheets and blanket.

He painted the town red with an engagement; she would paint his house rainbow. The delivery box contained enamel paint in all the colours of the rainbow. Arcobaleno! She retrieved the paint and poured it whenever she walked, from the sofas in the sitting room to the bed mat by the wet bed. The fruit flies that had already gathered on the bed were picturesque, she thought. Yellow paint ran down the smart TV and smudged evenly to completely cover it. As a finishing touch, she spray painted the wall, drawing a joker-face caricature. Under it was written the words 5 years of a joke summed by one day of this joke. Stay humored. Oh, I took the lap. If five years was a joke that could end in one day, then this one day was hers to also humor him.

She threw the spray can down after further doodles and a notice that she had taken his laptop as payment. The hockey stick was abandoned in the wreckage while she stepped out of the room like the O.G, a laptop bag on her shoulder and the sounds of Ludacris move bitch get out of the way bursting through her earphones. Her kinky hair puffed up carelessly and came together at the back, tamed by a thin black hair bobble with silver colored balls. The hair bobbles black strands camouflaged with her hair as the silver balls gave it the right amount of color. Tiny wisps of hair scattered at the front, complementing her rough look. As she looked up with her lively eyes, the round and white globes accentuated by dark pupils pierced through everyone, uninviting. A smile drew one to her round face with chubby cheeks and sepia brown lips lightly touched by gloss. A white off-shoulder chiffon shirt contrasted the black high waist short that flattered her curves, neither being too tight nor too loose. The ground seemed to be frozen by every confident step she made, brown timberland boots settling on her feet like they were meant for each other.

Whoa, such a satisfying feeling!

And such little courage to go crazy, she thought sadly as she was drawn back to her breakfast and her reality. The reality of anger on a leash, bridled anger.

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