Chapter 1: A Surprise

Freezing winters were at their peak and the snow was falling continuously. It was 11:35 p.m and the lights of an apartment in the Qousina building were still on. The whole apartment was lited up and was distinguishable from the whole building. From time to time one or two cars passed by on the road. One could see shadows of homies walking from here and there through windows.

In the house, everyone was busy with their work.

”Don make noises; she will wake up. ” Asmar hushed everyone around him.

”Fix that balloon over there ” he pointed to the wall ordering Aaron.

”Leo? You and Aaina light up the whole room; take these. ” Asmar threw fairy lights to them.

”Ella go and ask Layla if the cake is ready or not. ” Asmar was conveying instructions in a lowered voice.

He was decorating the table when Layla appeared with the cake. The decorations and cake were according to the grey theme. Asmar checked whole decorations and gave party poppers to everyone in the room. It was 11:55 p.m when all the decorations are done. He instructed everyone about their duties and he himself stood at the pillow side of her daughter who was sleeping peacefully and waited for 12 a.m.

Everyone was standing according to per instructions of Mr. Asmar.

Aaron was standing near the switch.

Ella, Leo, and Aaina were standing with party poppers in their hands.

Layla was standing with the study table who just turned into a birthday table.

Mr. Asmar pointed Aaron to switch off the lights and turned on the fairy and colorful LED lights in the room and was continuously looking at the wall clock.

11:58 p.m

11:59 p.m


12:00 a.m

Asmar kissed her daughter on her forhead, and woke her up by whispering ”Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Moneeza ”

Moneeza opened her eyes with a smile and hugged her dad. The whole room resounded with ”surprise ”, she sat up. Her friends exploded party poppers on her bed, and the bed started shining with colorful thin paper streamers.

She stepped down from her bed, bound her hair in a ponytail, and hugged everyone in the room. She was blushing. Her wheatish round face turned pink and her left cheek dimple got deeper with the smile. Her blue eyes were flashing with praise and her every footstep was telling about her excitement. She reached the table to cut her cake. Her mom kissed her on her head and hugged her tightly. ”Happy 18 my love, finally you grew up. ”

”To be honest, I wasn expecting this surprise. ” Moneeza blew up the candles and the room was again filled with roars of wishing her even louder than before. Her dad handed her the knife to cut her cake, ”Mom, Dad! I still need your hand to cut this cake. ” Moneeza looked at her father and then her mother, to place their hands on her hand.

Mr. Asmar placed his hand and then mi

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