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The Lightning Wizard shouted and threw a block of blue lightning at Oliver.

Oliver recalled the wizard’s battle with Andrew, so instead of blocking it with a black shield, he fired a Las Bullet and shot the lightning down before it even came to him.

As expected, the lump of lightning exploded as soon as it got hit by the Las bullet scattering the blue lightning around it.

It was a difficult attack to block because it was fast and dealt indirect damage to the counter.

Even though the lightning attack was blocked, the wizard quickly approached Oliver in a flash without panic, as if he had expected this.

Once again, the first attack was to steal the attention for a while, which was similar to his previous fight with Andrew.

The difference is that Oliver can see the flow of emotions and magical powers while anticipating the path before the lightning Wizard approaches and countered it.

[Las bomb]

[Double Las Bullet]

He fired a [Las bomb] ahead towards the predicted path to interrupt the opponent, then fired one Las bullet on both sides.

Thanks to this, the wizard was perplexed for a moment and the question of how he predicted his movement appeared on his mind.

It was even difficult for Oliver to explain the principle behind his attack.

For a brief moment before the opponent’s body gets covered with lightning, He could see small stalks of lightning extending out from the wizard in accordance with the direction of attack.

Also, he could predict how the opponent would move according to the fluctuation of his emotions.

In that way, by predicting the direction of attack and the movement of the opponent, Oliver was able to fight against the wizard.


[Las Bullet]

As they circled around each other, the Lightning Wizard fired electricity, and Oliver immediately fired a bullet of hate.

But it was a deception.

The wizard turned to the side as Oliver’s vision was blocked like a flash of lightning.

Oliver didn’t even turn his head instead he stretched out his hand and fired several shots toward the right.

It happened almost simultaneously which made the wizard quickly deploy the shield to block all hate bullets.


The Lightning Wizard successfully blocked the attack and retreated due to the shock.

He looked at Oliver without saying a word, thinking about the number of attacks they had exchanged.

Oliver looked at him silently. 

To be precise, he pretended to be looking while observing his emotions.


His emotions, fluctuating with hatred and anger, soon regained its composure, which was not good news for Oliver.

The more intense the emotion, the easier it was to understand what’s inside that person.

As he was contemplating what to do next, the wizard spoke to him.

“Were you the Leader of this group?”


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“Is it you the real Leader? Not him.”

The Lightning Wizard pointed at Andrew, who had fell in a miserable state.

“No…he’s the Leader.
He was a disciple at the highest level.
I’m just a low level disciple”

Oliver lengthened his words to extend the amount of time.

“I don’t think so.”

“Can I ask you something too?”


“I don’t know, but from what I’ve heard, Wizards don’t come here often, why did you guys come here?”

In a time-consuming manner, Oliver asked sincerely.

Oliver’s words seemed to have stabbed the Lightning wizard in a sensitive spot, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he looked at his colleagues who had been hit by the Las bullet and had collapsed.

The Wizard’s emotions seemed to fluctuate again.

“Ah… I think you came with the colleague over there? Was he a precious person to you?”

The wizard quietly turned his head to look at Oliver again. 

His emotions started scorching again, but it was also calm and controlled due to a strong reason.

Just like A cold fire.

It was the first time Oliver had ever seen a person who controlled his emotions like this, so he was amazed, but after a while, he found out the cause.

Starting at his feet, a blue lightning current ran through the ground in an instant.

It was directly aimed at Oliver.


Oliver quickly fired a Las bullet to stop the lightning from approaching him, and then targeted the wizard.

Oliver’s black magic [Target] dramatically increases the accuracy by targeting the opponent based on hatred.

A dartboard appears on the wizard’s body, and Oliver scatters a dozen small blades of hatred in the air.

[Black Dart]

It was a magic that mimics Andrew’s [Black Javelin] from earlier, and its power was weak, but due to that Oliver was able to create a lot more darts.

When targeting magic was combined with darts magic, dozens of black darts scattered in the air flew toward the wizard as if it was attracted to a magnet.

In a normal case, the opponent would have suffered from not being able to respond properly, but Oliver’s opponent was a wizard, not an easy-going opponent, he immediately surrounded his body with lightning and started to run again.

But it didn’t matter. 

The black darts were obsessive and were made to chase the target till the end… 


At that moment Oliver noticed his mistake.

Black darts are magic that chases the target.
However, the speed was not comparable to that of the Lightning Wizard.

Knowing this, the Lightning Wizard who was running, suddenly turned and ran towards Oliver.

Oliver tried to change the direction of the wizard by attacking, but they were countered by the Lightning Wizard’s attack.


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[Lightning Ball] 

[Magic Missile]

Oliver fired a consecutive round of Las bullets as he had done before, but as soon as the attack collided, an explosion occurred, instantly blocking his vision.

Oliver quickly deployed the Black Shield.

At that moment, the lightning wizard passed through the smoke, and with him, there was the black darts that pierced the black shield.

Pak! Pak! Paba Bak————!

The Black darts that pierced the black shield did not penetrate the shield completely but the black shield was pierced to some extent and it was at that moment, a bolt of lightning flashed from behind.

The Lightning Wizard attacked Oliver from the back in the brief moment when Oliver was focused on the front.

Oliver fell face down, unable to control himself due to the shock from the electricity.

His body wasn’t blown away or burned, but he was completely defenseless.

With the sound of footsteps, Oliver could feel that the Wizard was approaching.

“Apart from personal resentment, I do recognize your skills.
A self-proclaimed lower-class disciple.
It was a little fun to fight against a fake wizard.”

He turned Oliver with his feet and looked down. 

The Wizard was still furious at the death of his comrade.

“…Sir, can you spare me?”

“If you hadn’t hurt my friend, I could have pretended not to know anything.”

he must have been a very precious person to you.”

“Uh, he just came out of the Tower with me.”

“Why did you come out of the Tower?”

The wizard didn’t answer. 

Instead, he gathered magic power in his hand and created blue lightning.

“I don’t want to tell someone like you.”

“Ah, that’s a pity.
But I’m fine…..
because I’ve bought enough time.”

“… what?”

The moment the Wizard asked, a small Las bullet flew out of nowhere and made a small hole in the wizard’s neck.

The power was mediocre, but the location was fatal. 

The wizard staggered while spewing blood bubbles, and Oliver was able to overcome the crisis.


Oliver couldn’t hear anything because of the blood dripping from his throat and the amount of blood-filled in the Wizard’s mouth.

But, Oliver understood that he was asking how he got attacked and explained it to the best of his ability.

“Ah, It’s all thanks to this.”

Oliver said while pointing to the small sphere orb floating in the mid-air. 

It was smaller than a fist, and it looked like a meatball, but strangely, there were only chapped lips.

“It’s ‘minion’, I made this with reference to ‘Eater’ which my master once showed me.”

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“It’s slow and weak in power, but it’s pretty handy, isn’t it?”

Oliver asked genuinely without mocking, wondering what kind of evaluation the wizard would give.

However, the wizard, instead of giving a rating, tried running away somewhere while holding the blood-filled neck.

Confusion and fear could be seen in the usual confident eyes of the Wizard.

Oliver found the test tube, which he had dropped earlier when he fell but unfortunately it was broken.

“Ha…I’m sorry, but can you please wait a minute.
Just a moment.”

Saying that to the fleeing wizard, Oliver searched through the arms of the dead Senior and Intermediate disciples.

Fortunately, he was able to find three healthy test tubes, and the wizard sat down after hearing Oliver’s words.

As the Wizard sensed the approaching death, he gathered his magical energy in his hand. 

He could not collect much of his energy as blood spurted from his neck like a fountain again.

“Keuk …… Surely … definitely … Neeudro … Zugskuu …….
Neue … Neuah.”

Oliver extracted emotions from the test tube and aimed at the wizard.

The Wizard’s Life-force gradually faded, and his emotions started to cloud with the fear of death.

He really thought this was the end, but at that very moment, a completely unexpected change occurred.

In that brief moment when the Wizard’s Life-force completely disappeared, the emotions of the wizard, which had been clouded with fear, shone more beautifully than any emotions Oliver had ever seen

Oliver was more shocked than when he was attacked by the wizard.

Oliver instinctively tried to extract that emotion, but it was already too late and the Wizard had already died.


In shock and sorrow, Oliver sighed.

That beautiful light had disappeared and Oliver didn’t know what it was.

Oliver looked through the magician’s body as if trying not to leave any lingering feelings and he got his hand on something.

There was something inside the vest the wizard was wearing and when he opened and checked it, there was something covered by leather.

It was a notebook.

When Oliver opened the notebook, he found that it was a diary. 

A diary that was written by the wizard.

Oliver stuffed the diary into his pocket as if he had found a treasure.

He wondered if it could tell him about the beautiful emotions he saw a moment ago.


At that time, the sound of a machine came from somewhere. 

Oliver walked in the direction of the sound.

The sound came from the wizard that Oliver had killed first, and when he searched the body of the wizard, he found a small metal machine.

The word ‘Hermes’ was written on the outside of the metal machine.

[BIIP! BIIP! Wizard.
Wizard! This… BIIP! Front… BIIP! BIIP! Requesting support…!]

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Oliver came to his senses as soon as he heard those words. 

The battle still hasn’t ended.

Oliver was sad because he had lost such a beautiful light, but that didn’t mean it was all over. 

He was still on a mission.

Oliver got up and went into the factory.

He focused his attention on the eyes and looked around, but there was no emotion from within the factory. 

He thought it would be because of the fierce fight that everyone might have went out of the factory, just as the wizards did, so Oliver climbed upstairs and looked down at the battlefield from the front door.

There were destroyed materials and dribs everywhere, and there were quite a few corpses of allies.

Even though they were losing, the remaining allies somehow managed to hold out by using the shield.

One of the gangsters gladly raised his hand, as if he had mistaken Oliver for someone.

“Wizard! I sent the message! Here.

Oliver provided support as requested.

He opened all the test tubes to extract emotions and the targets he selected to use the black magic were the gangsters that called for support.

“Huh? Wizard?”

Before the gangs could even respond, Oliver made dozens of small [Las bombs] and covered them with black darts, then scattered them in the air.

Oliver used quite a bit of emotions, but it wasn’t difficult with enough ingredients.

The small darts, which was spinning suddenly flew to the designated place as if it were attracted to a magnet, and a small bombing took place where the gangsters are located.

The untimely bombardment left the gangs confused and terrified. 

There was only one person who showed a confident grasp of the situation.

He was the last Wizard standing.

Oliver jumped out of the window while throwing cling webs on the ground.

The Cling web spread out on the surrounding objects and walls and caught the falling Oliver like a safety net. 

As Oliver jumped off from the net he shot seven pre-loaded Hate Bullets at the same time.

In a sudden attack, the wizard was confused and defended himself by deploying a magic shield, but unfortunately, it lacked strength.

When the seven Las bullets were thrown at the same time, the shock resonated and the power was multiplied several times, and the whole shield shook and broke like a plate.

“Come on, help…!”

The Wizard cried out in fear.

For a moment, Oliver hesitated thinking whether this wizard would emit a beautiful light like the Lightning Wizard, and somehow it felt he wouldn’t, still, Oliver shot a Las bullet.

The Las bullet flew through the wizard’s body, and the wizard squirmed like a bug, spouting blood.

After a while, the surrounding smoke lifted and silence fell.

The pharmacist’s men and other warlocks, who had barely managed to fight the wizard and the gangsters, came out one by one.

They looked silently at Oliver, who had attacked and killed the enemy alone. 

Oliver looked at them and said.

“Are you all okay?”

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