CHAPTER 2-Humming of the brain

rupted and the need of survival…survival of Empath from the pain that slices her every single time she really listens to anyones sob story. She knew she needed to learn how to cope with it, at this rate, she would only drain herself emotionally.

To top it, what would she explain to the world, or to any sane headed therapist too, who would not be able to believe even slightly when she would narrate that she can actually feel what others feel, if she concentrated hard enough. It was more natural and easier when it was pain. Happiness that others felt, she felt, but it wasn painful. However, if anyone underwent pain, that was a whole different story, she could feel, and the more she cared for someone, the more its presence was daunting. Which is why she secretly called herself the Empath; because superheroes exist only in Marvel or X Men movies or novels and she was no human-turned-into-vampire. Reality was much different, even stranger. People only fantasized super beings, they actually accepted normal, and Empath knew since long she was not normal, sometimes extraordinary, other times, just plainly abnormal but definitely NOT normal. Her sense to sense others feelings and notions were not merely based on intuition, but also natural. She would have recordings playing in her head since as long as she could remember. It had such a long time now she could no longer distinguish whether they were merely sounds in her head or actual perceptions of those around her. She could sense fear, anger, jealousy, hate, lust very quickly. She sometimes hated her overthinking, the constant hum of thoughts in her mind, never silent, seldom dead, even when shed be dead…asleep. Empath had over the years realized, unintentionally, that she was something of a telepath. She felt it was a gift from her Lord and Creator, for all the bad days she had been through, it was Their little secret, so she never confided to anyone about it blatantly. She would hint at the radical idea and then carefully laugh it off sounding humorous to never make anyone realize that she actually meant what she had said. That is what sophisticated girls in the subcontinent did, she smiled politely, served and were mostly trophy wives. But they never dared to be anything more.

Until recently Empath was coming to terms that she cocooned unnecessarily so far, she was not for taming, never had been and so the silk strands that bound her became stifling and throat choking. Empath knew she would try to break free soon.

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