” – Talking

– Thinking

/Planet Versa – Undisclosed Location – 2060

In a dimly lit room sat several people, each of them giving off a feeling of superiority.

These were the worlds most important people, yet here they sat quietly, collectively staring at the crystallized object in the middle of the table.

It is unknown how long they stared, but they remained that way until one broke the silence.

”Our scientists say they found the last piece buried in the sand about 3000 kilometers away from Vale City, right in front of the terror that is Deaths Embrace ”

An older man of about 65 years old, wearing high ranking military attire, was the first to speak.

The others present widened their eyes at this information.

Deaths Embrace was the name of a fortress in the middle of the desert.

The place looked run down and abandoned, its current state but a shadow of its former majesty.

The signs around the area were in an ancient language nobody has been able to decipher.

”Whats your plan of action for that area? Any exploration teams sent in have been M.I.A. Yet the dangers come with untold benefits. Think of what could possibly be inside it if the rumors are true? A genuine fortress from the era of gods! ”

Nobody paid attention to the crazy old man shouting about gods as they simply didn back his beliefs, they wrote off the fortress as something ancient that they could not access.

The planet is very big, it isn the first time theyve ran into something they couldn explain.

”Well be putting exploration of that area on hold, we need to solve our population crisis first. ” A middle aged man with a crown on his head spoke.

”My husband is correct. This crystal was found in your territory, so as we expected, all 12 pieces there one in each of our nations…this can be a coincidence. ” This time a middle aged woman with a crown on her head spoke.

Everyone present nodded their heads in agreement before turning to their accompanying guards, grabbing the metal cases from them and revealing the contents.

11 more pieces were revealed, each making a low humming noise.

Before anyone could react, each piece shot towards each other, completely destroying whatever barrier they had in their way.

Quickly, towards the middle of the table each piece came together to form one crystal ball, before protecting itself with an energy shield and floating in the air.

”… ”

Shock…pure shock is the only way to describe the feelings in the room, nobody moved for nobody knew what to do next.

It was unnecessary though as the sphere seemed to sense their confusion and transplanted the necessary information to them.

After digesting everything they just learned there was awe and even some terror on their faces as they all looked at each other and said.

”Lets begin to fix this world. ”

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