Flipped Dimensional Wars

Unknown Dimension

he tried, the more he felt a splitting headache.

e her son, ” he exclaimed in shock. Mike felt his vision going hazy and his body gave way. He began to fall, and the old man caught him midway. Doing a karate chop to the back of his head, he put him over his shoulder and walked back into the portal he came from.

Placing Mike on a bed, he connected some tubes into his body. He was unconscious, and the old man was the only one who knew the reason.

”Begin transfusion of Energy. ”

A clear liquid began flowing through the tubes and entered Mikes body. The old man was watching as the percentage on the screen increased, and Mikes body began trembling a little.

”I forgot to strap him in. ”

He strapped both Mikes legs and hands onto the bed and watched as he writhed in pain. Snapping his eyes open, Mike began to scream in pain.


The old man watched from the side, and the fluid that was flowing had reached 50 percent. He was shocked to see him open at 50, as he expected Mike would have opened at 20. Observing him keenly, he watched as Mike screamed and shook violently.


Mike vomited some dark black substance, the old man shook his head in disappointment. What he was doing was necessary, and Mikes body had yet to adapt to Dimensional Energy and Travel.

Mike didn understand what was happening around him, and the substance that was entering his body was making him feel light headed. His eyes felt heavy, but he urged it to stay open. Watching the progress bar on the screen, he believed something was being done on him.

”Is this ADET? ” he questioned and the old man turned swiftly. His eyes were filled with anger right after he heard it, and snapped his fingers again.

”Where did you hear this? ” He inquired. His mind was thinking of countless other things, racing through all the memories of time.

Once more, Mike fell into a trance. He began to answer.

”I saw someone use Dimensional Energy back on Earth. They had transformed their forearm into a thin sword, and Samuel told me that it was something called ADET. I also heard that it was banned. ”

The old man snapped his fingers again, and Mike was out of the trance. He wanted to know what was going on around him, but the pain he was feeling was making his mind go blank.

His left eye began to sting slightly, and his vision which was blurry began to get clear. He was astonished, as he thought it was something that can never be cured.

His right eye had clear vision, whilst his left always had blurry vision. And his iris was different. The right was a hazel brown, while the left one was a pale grey. Compared to his right eye, one would think that his left eye was blind.

But the left eye was his Dimensional Eye. Its uses were yet to be known, as the only other person who possessed this eye was his dad, and he vanished when he was five.

”Seems like its working, ” came the old mans voice as he watched Mike go silent.

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