Flipped Dimensional Wars

Unknown Dimension

Samuel pulled himself from the ground, legs trembling. Mike saw five people emerge from a truck, and four of them had batons as weapons.

The batons had a blue line, and Samuel spit blood. From under this coat, he pulled out a pair of daggers attached with a knuckle buster with the same lines running in them.

”Dimensional Weapons? ”

Mike wondered, watching the four of them get ready to face off against Samuel. One of them made a move, and Samuel gave a reverse roundhouse to his jaw.

His trembling legs stabilized, and exhaled deeply. His eyes were filled with rage. Mike looked around for a weapon determined to help.

”Samuel Hernandez. I see youve not lost your loyalty even after I sent your Master to the other side, ” came the same voice. He scoffed in reply, watching the man intensely.

”You will not send the Young Master away. Not whilst Im here breathing, ” he vowed and took his stance, his back shielding Mike from potential threats.

”KILL HIM! ” Came the command and all four of them jumped at once. Two towards Samuel, and the others towards Mike. The man in charge began to run circles around them, throwing pieces of mirrors on the ground.

”Master. Be careful. Hes trying to send you away, just like he did fifteen years ago, ” warned Samuel. Mike was taken aback as anger began to surge through his body.

His left eye stung momentarily, but nothing happened. A maniacal laugh was all he heard around, as a fog of dark mist began to appear.

He felt someone against his back and punched, only to be caught mid air. A smile was all he saw as the man let go of his hand.

”Samuel, ” concluded Mike as he retracted his hand back. Seeing a blue light pulsate next to him, he picked it up and saw it was the baton.

”Seems like the kid has grown up to the right age. The only reason you
e here today is because of the restrictions of the dimension I sent your parents off to, ” came the voice again.

Gripping the baton tightly, he took his stance to face off against the man. A face with a mask appeared before him instantly, and he swung the baton.

The face vanished into mist the moment his baton grazed against it. The same thing happened again, and again.

”What the hell? They
e using illusions? But how? Dimensional Energy isn supposed to exist on this plane of Earth, ” wondered Mike as a hand came towards his face.

He swiftly used his hand to deflect the punch to his left, and the same face appeared again.

”Lets see if you have the combat skills to survive in that place, ” said the man and the two began to face off. Stepping on Mikes foot, he threw a right hook.

Mike tilted his upper body slightly, moving out of the way. Closing both his fists, he placed it against the mans chest.

Rapidly throwing punch after punch, the man began coughing as he removed his foot. Kneeing him in the gut, he raised his leg high and kicked his spine, only to see him vanish.

”Just how quick is this guy? ” He wondered as he loosened his shoulders, and began to hop around on his toes to get the adrenaline spread evenly in his body.

”Youve yet to learn, kid, ” scoffed the voice and he felt his back sting. Blood began trickling, and Mike felt his vision go hazy.

The man appeared from the mist with a transformed right forearm, which was pulsing the same blue as the weapons. It had turned into a thin sword.

”Seems like I was gone for a while. Master, are you alright? ” Inquired Samuel. Looking at the man, a frown appeared.

e using ADET? That project was banned a long time ago, ” hissed Samuel. Mike was confused about what was going on.

”ADET, which stands for Artificial Dimensional Energy Transformation. A method in which a human artificially infuses Dimensional Energy into their body, allowing them to transform one part of their body. ”

”They have frequent headaches, nightmares, hallucinations, and in some cases, losing their minds and succumbing to the power. They were called Walkers. ”

”But this one is different. There seems to be no issues, and the way hes using it perfectly only means one thing. Hes from Batch F. ”

Mike was confused about everything that he heard. He believed experiments and human modifications were only in movies.

”The world is much more cruel than you think, Master. Youve only been in the cutthroat Business World. Welcome to the World of Warcraft, ” finished Samuel.

”Yes kid. Where blood flows like rivers, ” hissed the man and slashed at the nape of Mikes spine, splattering the blood onto the ground.

”Lets finish this, shall we? ” Mocked the man pulling out a sparkling transparent stone, crushing it to dust. The mirror shards which he had spread on the ground began to float, forming a dark circle around Mike.


Samuel tried to save Mike, but a hand on his chest stopped his advance.

”Oh no, you don , ” muttered the man, punching right at his heart. Samuels vision turned hazy, his body falling to the ground.

”Mas…ter…, ” he muttered with droopy eyes, his body going limp. Mike tried standing up, rage boiling throughout his body.

”You can . Youll just further damage your nervous system. Just accept your fate, ” said the man and a dark purplish hue covered the mirror shards, forming a circle underneath Mike.

Mike registered the voice in his head. Vowing to get revenge, he closed his eyes, succumbing to his fate.

”Whats your name? ” Inquired Mike. The man chuckled, watching him lose all hope.

”I am Victor Weissman. ”

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