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unexpected adventure 4

under the hot sun Lilah and the kid side by side walking to the reception office but with Lilahs lively personality the silence made her uncomfortable so she tried talking to the little boy who no matter what she said refused to give even a nod for a response.

” just how scared you are ?? Im not a trafficker or a bad guy .. sigh ..okay lets make a deal I tell you my name you tell me yours !? yes? ” well making a one sided conversation wasn bad anyway as she avoids boredom.

” Im called Lilah , L . I . L . A. H with H at the end remember it , I know you don know me but many kids wanted to be my friends .. so Ill give you the privilege to be a friend of mine hehe umm as you see Im a Princess fufufu.. and the most beautiful one too hahaha ” the kid appeared uninterested, nevertheless he stole a quick peek at her from the side.

he must have believed it fufufu she muttered to herself suppressing her excitement.

Looking at how Lilahs face changed from smiling to happy and end up frowning she looked at the boy pitifully,

” don tell me you are a mute ?? ..O..oooo how can he tell me when he can talk .. how stupid I am … poor little boy ” once again she used her imagination linking it with reality , out from caring she patted his head one time his hair is so fluffy hehe itd be nice for him to be my little brother fufufu and so she kept patting his head few more times , the troubled boy tried shaking his head so she would take her hand off , however Lilah didn notice it as she was still emersed in her thoughts ,

maybe I should ask Papa to buy me a cute fluffy dog hehehe this would be better, having a little brother is not a good thing .. what if Mama and Papa loves him more than me ??! doesn most parents like boys than girls!! yes they must give him all my toys too no … no.. not gonna happen Ill not accept it humph while her emotions changed her hand also changed its movement , from patting to pressing on the boys head which made him drop few tears in silence, when Lilah returned from her journey in her small head the pathetic look of the kid left her ashamed of all the thoughts she based on this innocent clueless child and the traces of tears in his rosy cheeks made her more embarrassed even though he doesn know what was in her brain.

maybe Im wrong having a little brother isn bad .. yeah and who can take my parents from me hehe Im afraid Ill be the one to take my brother from them hehehe meanwhile the kid was wiping the tears using his teddy bear looking at Lilah with those big watery eyes which turned red. not knowing what to do her eyes too become teary, she began searching her pocket for candies, hence both of them kept walking while eating candies.

” so sweet hehehe see you cried just because you want candies not because I hurt you .. so don tell on me ” Lilah was more like convincing herself than the kid. after a moment of silence Lilah looked at the kid smiling happily he might be scared but still took my candies hehe sure he doesn fear me now hehehe.

the more they walk the more Lilah wonder if the park was this big before as the burning sun already taking effect in making them tired.

” I hate dry weather uhhhh I even forgot to bring water with me urrr ” she turned to the boy just to notice he does not have a cap to protect him from the sun.His white baby skin already turned dry while red traces appeared on his face obviously its the result of standing under the sun for a time; This made Lilah uncomfortable, reluctantly she put her own cap on his head wishing from her heart for his mother to be in the reception office.

” little boy endure a little more we are near the reception office then you can meet your Mama okay ?? ” patting his shoulders she grabbed his hand and hurried fearing that hell collapse at any moment.

Meanwhile Louis who didn catch the thief because a little devil woke him up from his dream had the urge to scream appearing all over his face yet because he can just yell he ate a candy to forget his misery that began from the day he worked as Lilahs bodyguard.

” tsk .. this will be the last for me T_T … but that was a close call … at least Id have caught that bastard in my dream ” he didn slack more, opening the phone he used GPS to know Lilahs whereabouts, thank God shes not out from here , and so he went looking for her before she put him in trouble.


at the other side when Lilah and the boy almost made it to the reception office.

” … bi .. ”

”did you hear something ?? ” Lilah looked at the little boy with questioning eyes but she pinched her left hand after realising what she asked.

” little boy poor you… how dare your mother leave you alone here ? no how dare she take you out in such a weather or youd not suffer under the sun like this ” she paused to take a good look at his face before continuing in an almost sobbing voice ” don tell me you run away and took shelter in the playhouse ohhhhh … but .. but you can talk not even a sound that means you can hear too or is it possible to know how to talk without hearing ?! urrrr forget it I don feel like Im sobber with this burning sun ”

seeing how she can understand her own thinking Lilah grabbed his hand again leading the way.

” .. abi…. Ruby … Ruby where are you ?? ”

its really someone calling hehe ,she looked at him grinning from ear to ear saying ” they must be calling you lucky we will not search more ”

” he is here your kid is here ” Lilah said loudly wishing the caller would be the right person they
e searching for. few moments later a woman in a long dress come hurriedly towards them at the other side the kids eyes lit up from recognising his mother who almost tripped , without waiting for her to come near he run to her hug crying out loud , he let out all the tears he was holding from falling the woman in return apologized for not taking good care of him will hugging him tightly ,

” Ruby my baby Im so sorry I almost lost you forever ..sob…sob thank God I found you or Id not know what to do ”

in Lilahs eyes the scene was so emotional to tears however a certain someones voice lead her out from that sweetness , ” little devil aren you tired yet ?! what would happen if something bad happened?! AAA do you want me to lose my job and get scolded by your parents !? ”

in return she just wiped the tip of her eyes quickly

” you scared me can you read the atmosphere ? stupid ”

Lilah didn want to break the warm reunion of the mother and her kid so she left while pulling Louis with her.

” what happened ?? ” Louis asked aggressively

” nothing important lets go to the mall and buy me ice-cream Im hungry ”

when the boy turned around he found that Lilah already left.

” baby lets go Haya is waiting for us don let go of my hand again ” the mother felt like someone was watching her so she felt a bit uncomfortable staying alone in the park.

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