My name is Albert Tonhaed, at least thats the name I was given after I reincarnated in this body.

The day before I went to school, I remembered my past life memories.

My old name was Euzébio, a poor boy.

My days at this school were the worst, I was always bullied for being poor and not looking good, until one day I got sick and died, but I was reincarnated as Albert.

When I looked in the mirror, I could see that I looked and lived differently from what I was used to.

Albert had red hair and blue eyes. Although he was thin, he looked like a healthy boy of about 16 years old. His expression was serious, almost sad and kind.

”Your food is ready, master. ”

The maid opened the door.

As far as I know, she is Alberts personal servant, and her name is Amanda.

Amanda is a 16 year old girl with black hair and red eyes.

At first, she hated her eyes, but then she met Albert and started to be proud of them because they were the same color as his hair.

She has a very strong will and an attractive personality, she also likes cooking and is a master chef in the kitchen.

Amanda is always by Alberts side and helps him any way she can, even if that means getting in trouble on purpose just so she can protect him.

I don know why my soul chose to reincarnate in this body but I am grateful.


”Please eat slowly. ”

Amanda looked at me with concern and asked.

I didn want to hurt her feelings so I ate slower than normal.

After finishing my meal, we went out to the garden to talk.

”Master, you are missing something important. You need to put some clothes on before you go outside. ”

Amanda looked at me with a serious face.

She would always take care of Albert, no matter how old he was.

This is a dream come true, I finally have someone to talk to.


At dinner, I sat next to Amanda.

Alberts family treats her as if she were part of them even though she is employed.

”Are you excited for school tomorrow? ” my Father asked.

”Yea. ” I answered.

Alberts parents were a war officer and a teacher.

Both parents didn have much time for their son, so Amanda had to take care of his education.

She taught herself everything so she could teach Albert.

Everyone in the family was touched by this, and she was put in charge of Albert.

”Do you know what to expect on your first day at the academy? ”

I nodded.

”Then go get ready for bed, Master. ”

Amanda held my hand and pulled me towards the room.

We climbed up the stairs to my room where we got changed into our pajamas and laid down on the b

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