Erotic Short Stories

The Controlling CEO. Continued

Sirenias POV.

Ok, Aries I understand that right now your wolf is screaming at you to get an answer right now but I need to put my sword away and get dressed as you are my king I will allow you to wait in the front room rather then out here I explain gently removing my hand from his. while taking in his beautiful crystal blue eyes.

hat sounds like your treating me as a king I will wait out here as you would make any man he state before gracefully bowing. I quickly retreat into the house my heart hammering in my chest.

I mink-link my brother who also happens to be the pack alpha Luke, my the alpha king is here now I can feel his surprise through the link.

why is he there? he was due at the pack house an hour ago he linked back confused.

ummmm… he is my fated mate he must have followed my scent here I confessed anxiety flooding my soul.

I am on the way over he replied urgently severing contact. I gently resheath my sword and head to my room to change.

I finally decide on wearing my favourite lilac two piece set with a flare sleeve crop top and flare pants. I pair it with my tallest white platform boots as I am only 5ft tall and the king is 610. As I put on my choker I hear my brother pull up and get out of his car. from my window I watch him kneel on my front lawn My king, I am the alpha of this pack, Luke Silverclaw i am honered to finally meet you i person but i am here not only here to pay my respects to you, but to act as the guardian to my sister Sirenia your fated mate he gently states to the king.

Then we are the be brothers I hear the excitement bloom in Aries voice. Luke Silverclaw the tales of you
e packs prestige on the battle field have reached even me in the castle. he compliments as he embraced Luke.

I pull away from the window and run down the stairs not wanting to miss the conversation. dropping to my hands and knees I crawl to the door so I can eavesdrop in peace.

The packs reputation is due to my sisters hard work brokering peace between us and the other packs. we often call her silvertongue because of her ability to convince people to do whatever she wants he chuckles.

Thank you Alpha Luke I say as I pull the door open and strut down the stairs.

Hello sister Luke embraces me kissing the top of my head. his is the most precious gift our pack has been given. since our parents died she has been my confidont and best warrior he stepped back still holding my hand. I always knew she would find her mate and have to leave me he sadly took Aries hand and placed mine in it. I know you will care for her like the beautiful but deadly flower she is, so as your Alpha, Sirenia I hand your safety and life to the Alpha King Aries he steps back bowing. I feel my pack bond slowly desolve leaving only mine and Lukes mindlink untouched. I shed a few tears as I feel my old family leave me as I am about to leave them. As I go through the change I hear Lukes car drive away.

Sirenia Aries gently wiped away my tears You are my mate he said dropping to his knees and pressing his head against my stomach inhaling deeply.

and you are mine Aries I reply warmly preparing myself for the intestity of the mate bond.

suddenly my feet are off the ground and he is carrying me bridal style straight into the house and upstairs. I watch his smiling face as he follows my scent to my room. he opens my black bedroom door and pauses after he turned the light on. my lilac and black modern gothic theme must have caught him off guard as his smile went slack.

your room, its so **ing awsome his smile was like a kid in a candy store.

hank you I say breathlessly as he lays me on the bed.

e all mine my little wolf he smiles his hands skiming my waist as he looks me over I feel heat building between my legs. efore we make this permanent I want you to know that I will always put you before myself, I will protect you with my life and do anything to make you smile I reach up, grab the sides of his face and kiss him with all the love that I felt for him from to first time we locked eyes. our tongues dance and stroke each other in a passionate dance that consumes my whole being. he breaks the kiss momentarily to take off his shirt making me pout. he reaches for my shirt and gently pulls it over my head. I chuckle as his eyes light up as he takes in my ample boobs. I sit up slightly to let him reach around to free them as soon as my nipples are free his mouth is on them teasing, nibbling and sucking the causing my pussy to become dripping wet. He slowly slides his hand down my pants gasping when he feels how wet I am.

such a beautiful wolf he moans with my nipple in his mouth. his fingers find my aching clit easily and he starts rubbing gentle lazy circles. the tension building in me told me I was about to cum. he gently let go of my nipple and removed his hand making me whimper. he unzipped my boots and placed them on the floor. he then pulled my pants and panties down my legs his smile turned to worry.

I hope that I fit your so tiny he said looking at my pussy.

I hope I can, I wouldn know. I am a virgin Ive been waiting for you I ramble nervously.

don worry Ill make sure that I don hurt you he smiled reassuringly. he threw the bundle of clothes on the floor and started kissing my ankle.

your skin is so soft he kissed my knee. and you smell so **ing good he kissed the inside of my thigh inhaling deeply. Are you ready? he asked his mouth an inch from my pussy.

yes I reply breathless and wanting.

he lowered his head slowly and run his tongue up my outside lips gently pushing his tongue deeper he found my clit easily sending waves of lighting like waves of pleasure through my body.

his name tears from my throat as I climax into his mouth. as the shaking subsides he wipes his mouth on the towel i left on the end of the bed. smiling he gently kisses up my body.

hat was incredible he growls between kisses.

his lips capture mine as he lines his huge cock up with my tiny entrance I feel him gently start to push himself inside of me the sensation of his huge cock stretching me making me moan until I feel the sharp snap of my hymen breaking to allow him in deeper. he looks deep into my eyes his shock at the feeling evident in his.

you really are perfect his blue eyes turning silver.

I feel Amethyst raise to the surface to meet our mates wolf.

My loves I am Onxy, Aries wolf he growls low and sexy.

I am Amethyst, Sirenias wolf I feel her speak through me.

I promise as your mate both Aries and Onyx I will be loyal to you, protect and love you until the day we die he declares pushing deeper.

as your mate both Sirenia and Amethyst I promise to be loyal to you, have your pups and love you until the day I die I reply sealing our mate bond.

he kisses me hungrily thrusts getting harder and more confident. I feel the building of not only my orgasm but our mate bond its glowing purity becomes tangible in my mind as we climax as one. Aries collapses on top of me pulled into the mate bond, I close my eyes and hear his voice.

e mine finally his relief and peace reverberates through every cell of my being.

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