Erotic Short Stories

The alpha king and his mate.

I wonder around the room and look at the books some of them had writing on the spines that looked like they have hieroglyphics on their spines I curiously pic a big black book with silver embossed hieroglyphic writing. the soft leather cover was surprisingly warm in my hands. I gently set it down on a nearby table as it was also surprisingly heavy.

”I wish I could read this ” I whisper in dispear.

the book suddenly grew hot under my hands and the letters began to change to English.

”Thank you but also what the ** ” surpised and please I read the title Gods of old I quickly open the book the pages where black and the silver writing was elegant and decorative. I quickly began reading the pages The Kingdom of the dragons has many gods but none as widely celebrated or worshipped then Gration the Wise he is considered as the God of wisdom in battle and the patron of knights who protect the weak. There are many stories of his deeds a loud knock at the door.

My Lady I have your tea and snacks Viola calls.

I quickly get up and open the door for her. she has a packed elaborate silver tray in her hands. She carried the tray to the table in front of the chairs. I look at it very carefully to ensure that it was actually food I am in the Fae Realm after all. Viola pours two cups of tea from the elaborate tea pot and sat down in the chair opposite the couch. following her lead I sit down and pick up my cup of tea.

”You mentioned before that you would like to ask me some questions ” she states nonchalantly.

”umm.. yes I have many as I have no idea about this Realm I don know anything not even where I am ” I said plainly.

Viola looked at me sympathetically.

”shall I just give you a general idea and run through of our society and how it works here in the castle. I will also tell you what i can about King Dracan and answer any questions as we go along is that acceptable my lady? ”

”That would be wonderful thank you Viola ” I sit forward eagerly.

”well Ill start with the castle and the king ” she smiled softly. ”you are currently in The dragon castle in the kingdom of Altaria this kingdom is one of the oldest in the realm. The ruling family is the Kingstons of which King Dracan is apart of they are considered the most powerful family in the Fae Realm. The king hasn had a consort before but he has so many offers of brides from every powerful family and has rejected them all waiting for a queen that he can Soulbond with. This is something almost every Fae dreams of. A soulbound mate is the most powerful and sacred relationship a king can have a Soulbound mate holds many benefits for both parties as their souls become one and if one of the partners dies the mate is the only one who can bring them back no matter how bad the injury all it takes is the tears of their mate. Also as a soulbound pair the couple can communicate with each other through telepathy, you have no secrets from your bound mate and they have none from you many mates spend days lost in their bond exploring each other and sharing their deepest desires ” she spoke dreamily sipping her tea occasionally.

”wow ” I whisper thinking about the kiss earlier I knew in my soul that I was destined for him.

”judging by how the King reacts to you… I think you are his destined soulbond please my Lady accept him as he is a kind and considerate person who will care for you ” she almost whispered as if reading my thoughts.

suddenly blue flames pop up in the far side of the room. The King stepped out of the flames his beauty and happiness startled me.

”The elders told me everything ” he stated trying to hold back his excitement. ”Viola please leave us ” he said softly to her not taking his eyes off me. she smiled knowingly at the floor as she curtsied to us before leaving quickly.

”What did you learn your Highness? ” I ask curtsing elegantly.

”sit down please I have many things to explain ” he gestured to the couch and I sat back down quickly he sat with me on the couch. ”That I am the reason that you were bought here. You are destined to be my mate and share a soulbond with me, do you know what a soulbond is? ” he said excitedly.

”Viola told me about how our souls are bound together and that we would share a telepathic link ” I looked deep into his shining eyes seeing the depth of his feelings for me. I gently lean forward and place my hand on his.

”Theres a lot more to it than that ” he sighed running his hand through his hair ”For us to become properly bound we must do a number of rituals including exchanging blood, drinking each others blood, me giving you power, having sex and getting bound as husband and wife ” he quickly glossed over the sex part of the ritual.

”What order must this be done in my King? ” I ask curiously.

his eyebrows raise in suprise ”first we must be bound by vow, secondly by blood, then by power and finally by love ” he said looking deep into my eyes. He knelt on the floor pulling a box from his pocket and presented me with the biggest ruby ring I had ever seen. ”This is the ring worn by ever Altarian queen that has ever sat on the throne. Its only appropriate that I propose to my future queen with it, So Lila will you be my queen and be my soulbound mate ” he asked softly. ”its okay if you want to say no for now and think about it ” he added hastily.

”I accept your proposal my King but I need time to get to know you and this place so can we wait until I am ready to hold the ritual? ” I smile gently at him his eyes began to gather tears, as he slid the ring onto my finger the ring seemed make itself the perfect size. seeing it firmly in place Dracan stood towering over me gently grabbed my face his lips crashed on to mine clumsily he stooped over me so I ended up leaning back my night shirt had ridden above my hips. Dracan gently pulled the robe sash allowing him to see my pussy and the outline of my hard nipples poking out through the thin fabric. his eyes started to glow bright blue ”Fuck ” was all he said his lips crashed back onto mine his deep passionate kiss making me forget everything around me. I felt the pressure building between my legs as Dracan began kissing down my neck he casually he ripped my shirt leaving everything exposed. ”I just want a taste ” he said gazing in my eyes I nod slowly ”I want it too ” I reply breathlessly.

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