Erotic Short Stories

Chapter 1. The alpha king and his mate.

I sat quietly by the edge of the river letting the sounds of it bubbling over the rocks releasing my pent up anxiety. today is the day I can find my mate I am officially 18. I doubt that Ill find him for years but I am not sure I want a mate to be honest I saw what it did to my sister when she was rejected by him, her heart was so broken that her and her wolf both curled up and stopped living. I am scared that my mate will be a horrible and reject me or accept me and abuse me. there is so many ways it could go wrong I could be subjected to so many things. I throw a rock into the river and stand my pale naked body glowing in the moonlight. Summoning my wolf Amethyst I transform into my black and silver form I am marked like a husky which is extremely rare, out of all the wolves Ive seen in my life Ive never seen another marked like me.

I trot home at a brisk pace branches brushing my fur. I approach the big dark house and trigger the sensor light on the front lawn I transform back into my human form at the front door and let myself inside I quickly check the whole house for intruders just incase. after locking all the doors and windows I wonder into the bathroom and turn on the shower as I wait for it to warm up I look at my reflection. My half red brown, half silver blond hair hangs all the way to my butt in gentle waves scattered with small leaves and twigs from the forest. My naked pale figure was lean with large perky boobs and proportionate hips. I turn and hop into the steaming stream of water as I try to relax I feel a strange pulling sensation urging me to get out of the shower and check the front porch. Not being one to ignore my instincts I shut the water off and quickly slip into a long silk robe. I make my way through the house picking up one of the swords I keep around the house for emergencies.

as I reach the door a scent catches my attention.

mate Amethyst squels waking from her slumber.

play it cool girl we don want to come on to strong I reply trying to calm my own nerves.

Aries POV.

Another visit to another pack lead by a egotistical alpha. I can seem to get a break to find her, my mate the only wolf that can calm the pacing beast inside of me.

I need to run before this meeting my wolf Onyx reminds me.

nodding in agreement. I turn to my driver and Beta Rhys lets stop here I need to run before the meeting or I may not be able to stay in check

OK man I got you h

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