Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 9: The tournament begins


”Come with me ”,he said as he walked out of the room and I tagged along behind him. He led me to a section of the mansion I hadn been before after all Id been prohibited from accessing many spots in this mansion due to my position in the family . We entered a large room full of weapons and I meekly followed him to a section that displayed different tiers of gears. Gears are super protective clothing made from fabric that has been synthesized with pulze using very advanced technology,and they definitely cost a fortune.

”Pick one out for your match tomorrow,the school says its required to have at least a low tier gear ”.

I hadn heard about this but its possible the school sent a letter to my father, I looked through and picked a black outfit from the low tier section,but I was wondering how all of them fit my measurements perfectly.

I made my way to the locker room after arriving at school on Monday, apparently my match is the first on the list for the first bout scheduled for 9am against Chloe Stevenson. Chloe was also in the locker room getting prepared ,she wore a low grade gear just like me.

”At least you showed up,I was sure you were going to chicken out ”,though popular,shes known for being annoying and looking down on people she believes to be inferior to her. I was already in a bad mood for no reason so I wasn interested in her small talk.

”Just shut up and wait for your beating,I won hold back just cus you
e a girl ”,I said looking at her with cold sharp eyes.

”Thats funny coming from a talentless nerd like you, remember to put up a fight so it won be like I bullied the weak ”,then she walked off with an annoying laugh. If she was trying to play mind games on me she should already know it wasn effective against me.

Seats were getting full back at the arena and the tournament was just about beginning, the officiator took to the stage in a white low gear.

”The selection tournament begins today and the rules are simple,use any means necessary to immobilise your opponent or get them to accept defeat but no external influence is allowed the candidate helped would be immediately disqualified….with that let us begin the first bout with the first match up between the non ability user Brian Strider and evolved Gamma ability user, Chloe Stevenson.

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