Dream Princess

A Sorrowful New Year

December 31st

”Hey, Aiken. Would you mind? ” Arius snatched my attention away from my smartphone.

I only looked at him, holding ridiculous decorations on both of his hands, a mess on the ground and a lot of scattered boxes that differ in sizes.

My gaze shot through his body, not saying anything I left him and his foolish self in the living room. Aviel would be mad if hell come home to that muddle.

”Oh come on! Aiken! Help us! Mom and dad will be home anytime soon! ” Hes plead fell on deaf ears. My phone pinged the latest news:

Billionaire Baron Amherst Is Building His Own Right-Wing Healthcare Empire

I almost spilled my milk on the dining island, upon reading this life-changing headline.

”I know, another success for Baron Amherst! ” Arius smiled in triumph, his right hand fist up in the air while his right hand grab a glass and put it on the fridge water dispenser.

”Another asset to inherit. ” he added, and drank his water. ”Oh God that felt refreshing! ”

He took a seat beside me, and scrolled on his Instagram account I peaked at his phone. His notifications kept ringing. ”Look, another 100 thousand followers added! ”

He now has 1 million followers on Instagram. And his most liked picture of him, was him flexing his 6 month abs and fluffy chest, wearing only a black swimming trunks and dads gift which was the Vlone x Nike Air Force 1 High sneakers and the vintage Rolex Daytona 6239 de Paul Newman. He stood like a model on our yacht as the sunsets on the bluest sea in Hawaii. For that he earned 1.2 million likes and 600k comments.

I also have that kind of picture on my instagram account.

”I really love this picture. Aviel captured it perfectly! ” He beamed, staring at the most liked picture of him.

I shook my head. He clearly loves the attention his getting.

”What about you? ” I hid my phone, but he beat me to it.

”What the hell!? ” He screamed. Higher than my voice pitch could ever go. ”You got 15 million followers!? ”

I stared at him blankly.

”And you
e not saying anything? ”

”Give it back to me! ” I tried to snatch it from him but he quickly dodged my attempts and stood in the middle of the dining area. I saw his fingers scrolling, looking at my feed.

”How did you do that? I have more photos than you. ” He dumbly asked me.

”And look at this! This is the photo I took last summer. You
e not even wearing your bathing suit here but you had what? ” He paused and looked for the likes. ”20 million likes!? ”

”What more if you wore your bathing suit. ” He added.

Im starting to get pissed.

This time I snatched my phone from him and walked away from him. ”Why would you disable the comments? ” He mocked me.

”You have no idea, Aruis. Finish whatever mess your doing, before Aviel gets back. ” I bitterly ended him and skipped the stairs and lock the door of my room.

My notifications is almost crashing from the milestone dad did. The years ending and he did end it dramatically.

I was about to put it down when my eyes caught a message.

Everyone was tagging my username. I know I should have not clicked the notification but my silly hand di anyway.

I was directed to another instagram account, where my face was photoshpped to someone elses face, that was sucking on a d*ck.

And then that account reposted my photo of me, on the yacht. I head down on the comments

Somehow aikenamherst wealth is the least fake thing about her.

Then someone replied to that comment saying;

How can her wealth be fake when its not even hers in the first place? HAHAHAHAHAHA

And that nasty comment garnered 12K likes.

Did you know that aikenamherst is the least loved child in their family?

Oh God you don need to tell whats so obvious!

Look at that legs! I want it on my shoulders aikenamherst.

Boy, I want my face in between!

Why does she covers her skin? I want to see more of it!

Please photoshopped it better, make the skirt shorter

My body froze upon reading nasty, and inappropriate comments. I can seem to move my fingers, I feel like a car losing gas, stepping on the gas but the car would just break down and not move. The ringing intensifies, like everything is in slow motion and my heart beat, beats faster than a racing car.

Breathe, deep breaths, Aiken. Deep breath.

I felt myself losing control on my body, I made sure to put myself on the nearest chair. Moving my feet seems foreign and unusual that the world get even dimmer.

I can hear my organs.

Breathe in, hold… breath out… slowly

Closing my eyes to relax myself. Concentrate, Aiken. You can cheat fainting by relaxing and deep breathing. I felt my sweat drip down from my forehead to the side of my face.

Breathe in, hold… breath out… slowly

I can now feel control run down on my veins. I looked at my phone, I am still holding this dangerous weapon. For Gods sake! I tossed it on the dresser, and my limp arms fell onto my lap. My sight fell on the wall clock.

The door opened, making me jump.

Arius irritating voice echoed in my room. ”Mom and Dad will be here in five minutes. We should greet them. ” I thought hes finished. ”If your masturbating, lock the room, alright? ” He teased. Another irritiating laugh echoed in the hall, he didn even closed the door!

I sighed, standing on my toes that I felt tingles. I chose a more formal dress, so I can greet them properly. It never once felt like a family homecoming. Its more of a business meeting. As always.

Zipping the dress behind me, I grab the sapphire necklace mom gave me last year as a birthday gift. She loved me whenever I wore it.

”Aiken! ” Aviels voice stunned me. ”Come down, they just entered the gate! ”

”Im coming. ” I pressed the button of the intercom. And ran down the stairs.

Once down, Aviel scanned me with his laser eyes. ”You look great. Next time don run down the stairs. ”

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