That night I could not find my sleep because I was part happy to have been found by this guy who told me to call him father,which is no more weird.

But part scared by the fact that I seemed to have forgotten important things of my past.

As I was in my thoughts, questioning myself on what happened, the door got opened.

I was so deep in my mind that I didn pay attention to who was coming in. Then I was brought back from my thoughts by Hordward.

Ingus: ” Hordward? Whats the matter? ”

Hordward: ” Oh nothing, I just could not find my sleep and I wanted to see you ”

Ingus: ” while Im sleeping, thats creepy you know… ”

Hordward: ” well, you may be 2 years younger than me but you are quite not an idiot ”

Ingus: ” (*laugh*) so,…would you tell me what you wanted? ”

Hordward: ” yeah, I wanted to show you something ”

Ingus: ” couldn it have wait until dawn? I mean, we are literally in the middle of the night ”

Hordward: ” Nope, it can only be seen at night ”

Ingus: ”well okay! What is it? ”

Hordward: ” we have to go outside first ”

Ingus: ” Im not sure if thats a good idea, wouldn father be mad? ”

Hordward: ” Don worry, Father always sleeps like a log (*laugh*), and as long as we don make any noises, it will be fine ” (while smiling at Ingus)

Ingus: ” o-okay,lets go then, but I can walk yet… ”

Hordward: ” Don worry, I will carry you on my back ”

Ingus: ” will you? ”

Hordward: ”sure, Im pretty strong you know ” (while smiling and showing his arms muscles proudly)

Ingus: ” okay, if you say so… ”

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