”We have been doing research about Project Cilla for two years. We did our homework, which includes financial analysis, engineering assessment, environmental impact assessment and social impact assessment. Our conclusion is that Project Cilla is feasible and profitable but not without risk and uncertainty. ”

Her voice is clear and steady.

”Our recommendation is Project Cilla should be approved. If the project is approved then we will proceed to the next step. For the first phase, there will be no construction in the city. Construction will move to the countryside area. We will build a small power plant in the local community. As far as we have researched, the locals are pleased with this process. They see it as an opportunity. A way of making some money. A new source of income. That is why they are happy to cooperate with us. ”

She continues to speak.

”The second phase will involve the construction of a gas processing plant in the nearby town… ”

She becomes confident and calm when presentation continues. The board seems happy and doesn give harsh questions.

”In the end, ” Camilla concludes, ”Project Cilla will bring profit to both parties. To the shareholders. And to the local residents. It is a win-win situation. ”

Camilla bows to the board and turns off the projector.

Mr. Xavier seems happy. Derek is smiling. Mr. Baldy is frowning.

Camilla is at ease and feels proud for having made such a successful presentation. She survives again! But something is not right.

”Excuse me, Camilla! ” Said the bald man, ”my name is Matthew Lockfield. Financial advisor to the board. Can you confirm the budget of Capex is USD 332 Million in total? ”

Camillas heart beats faster.

”Yes. ” She answers.

”Is that correct? ” The bald man says.

”Yes sir. ” She replies.

”And how much is the capital expenditure for the first phase of the project? ” Matthew asks.

Camilla blushes and starts to search for the slide number.

”I am sorry. I don remember the exact figure… ”

”Let me tell you, in your report it says USD 2.45M. ” Matthews eyes shines untold secret, ”is that plausible as the second phase include gas project? ”

Camilla tries to say something. Something like Im sorry. Anything.

”Please, tell me. ” Matthew says, leaning toward her with his fat body.

Camilla wants to go home. She can feel sweat on her forehead. Her new lingeries feels like tight bondage. Her high heel shoes make her standing there with a little trembling. She understand it is wrong to rely on Minas figure but she did not point it out to Mr. Xavier and the board. Was she too eager for the project or she was distracted too much by the photo?

Mr. Xavier is silent and speechless.

”That is the amount in the proposal. But in reality, the capital expenditure for phase one will be higher than that. I mean, we need to finance the gas plant. Its cost is also included in my report. ” Camilla tried her best to cover the mistake.

Everyone is silent. It is not common not to include the gas plant investment even one going to finance it, that was a major decision to make.

Xavier looks relieved and pats on Matthews shoulder, ”Thank you very much, Camilla. You are right. That is a good sign. We have a smart woman here. ”

Matthew is embarrassed and he bows his head.

Derek smiles.

Camilla is relieved at the moment. She goes back to her room and starts to review the data. Mina has cleverly raised many inputs but still reasonable. The total number is surprisingly high but she cannot take it back now.

She thinks about how to handle this. She does not want to lose her job but she wants to avoid further humiliation.

It is a dilemma. She needs to speak to Derek.

”Hi Derek! ” Camilla called him from the corridor.

He is sitting alone in the lobby. He nods and walks toward her with a smile, ”Hello Camilla! ”

”Derek, you know we had problem with the budget, we now need a financier for the gas plant. If we cannot do it we will lose the project and I may lose all my reputation. ”

Derek is thinking about the twins sent to him by Misuni Group of Japan, now it is a good chance to return their favor. He says: ”Camilla you are right. I can introduce you to Misuni Group of Japan, but you need to make your own decision and take the responsibility. ”

Camilla frowns, ”I thought we have a deal. I never made any commitment to anyone before I see their terms. ”

Derek is smiling, ”You said that you will seek a financier. I was asking if I should help. I am just saying that I can introduce you. You decide. If they are willing to fund the whole project, then you do what you think is best. ”

”Fair enough. ” Camilla says.

”Great. Now get back to work. I have another meeting. ”

Derek turns around to leave.

”What about the photo? ” Camilla asks.

Derek is surprised by the question.

”We cannot discuss it here. I don know why you are doing that in office? But my priority is who send this to me. ” Derek lowers his voice.

Yes Derek is right, Camilla thinks, why she was doing that in office and taken photo by others and still not aware of it.

She has a guilty conscience.

Derek continues, ”You must come to my office. No one else will see it. We have to find out who is this person. ”

”Alright, ”she nods and follows Derek.

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