Death Flagged Eroge Prince

Alexis Van Garland - Homecoming

*Pitter Patter*

Inside the dark dungeon, Alexis lay face down as his consciousness returned. His head felt a tingling pain, his mind seemed to have improved after fusing with Imra, his ears becoming pointed and charm having increased, making him more beautiful.

”Ugh… ”

Alexis rose to his feet, kicking aside the dirty gravel and wiping the dirty residue from his skin.

”Imra, are you awake? ”

”… ”

His face became stern, thinking something was wrong, walking toward Imra to check if she was alright.


”ZzzzzZ ”

Alexis felt irritated for worrying, watching the stupid succubus snoring whilst scratching her stomach, deciding to kick her ass to wake her.


”Ahhhhnn~ ”

Imra jumping to her feet with a look of rapture, whilst holding her ass and letting out a sweet moan, further irritating Alexis. Her sensual eyes blinking at him, pretending not to know what she was doing.

”Ahem ”

”How do you feel? Do you think we can continue onward? ”

Her tail swaying through the air as she thought Imra was sure they could manage, however didn know how much experience Alexis had, because when she met him. Hed been an adventurer for over four years.

”Well… ” Her eyes examined Alexis. His body was. Fine, he seemed to have become more attractive since they fused. He felt closer to the same kind than human. Believing they could handle it, choosing to stay.

”He needs to test him limits. If something happens, I can use my Novium arte. to kill any enemies wed face on the lower floors… But spending 24 hours away from Alexis… ”

”We can, lets try, Master! ”

”maybe shes a masochist… ” His thoughts had been getting more vibrant since he came to this world, trying to change his old introverted ways. This filled his heart with hope about discarding his embarrassing old self.

*Tap Tap*

The pair approached the portals exit. From the second floor was the true academy dungeon. The first floor was like playing games on story mode.

A bright light surrounded the pair, its blue radiance warmed their bodies as they transferred to the second floor.


After the radiance faded, the pair was surrounded by a small forest. Although dungeons followed a single forward path that would often split into up to three paths occasionally. The lower levels before ten only branched once or twice maximum.

Alexis felt an artificial warmth from this floor. It felt like a real rainforest with the occasional croaking of exotic frogs and other animals noises. He felt excited. It was like those BBC shows were a random survivalist would explore the jungle and sometimes drink their own pee.

Imra felt the atmosphere of Alexis was too loose. There could be an assault from the floors enemies however, she refused to speak, wanting him to grow himself to surpass the man he was when she met him.


”Hmmm, what was that? ” Alexis said.

He checked the surrounding bushes to make sure there were no animals or monsters close. However, his job was extremely amateurish and lax.

”Must have been the wind… ”

Alexis should have known better. During the games first few dungeon floors, there were several small ambushes , which weren fatal usually. However, that was for the hero and in a game. The difference between the rabbits on floor one and these goblins was like a level one critter and a max level boss.

However, Alexis was too excited. His life had always been dull. Now he had people who sought after him, a succubus companion feeling like the main character. But Alexis… Was not the main character.






A crude arrow shot through the air. Fired from a nearby tree towards Alexis, who was holding his hand up, ready to cast Shadow drain should anything appear. However, the stone tip pierced his right hand, tearing the flesh, causing blood to spray from the wound, splashing Alexis face and arms as the arrow remained lodge inside.

Alexis felt intense stabbing pain as his hand began feeling a burning sensation. His body unable to stand anymore, he fell to one knee, slight tears in his eyes. The realisation dawned on him as he thought to himself.

”Im not the hero… ” His eyes were now bloodshot as his blood continued pouring from his hand. Alexis looked towards the dirty childlike goblin with an ugly face filled with boils as it nocked another arrow, whilst its smile seemed to mock Alexis. ”I was too conceited… ”

”Trash will be trash… ”

”I am just a prince, with over a thousand death flags. ”


Alexis closed his eyes, waiting for his ultimate fate. He spoke of grandeur, avoiding his death flags. But here he was, dying to a simple goblin at level 1. How laughable what a waste of his new life, his body, and willpower giving up.

”Maybe an otaku like me deser… ”



With a spark of light flashing before his eyes, Alexis opened them, standing before him. A beautiful succubus, his summons defending him. The pathetic stone arrow lay crushed to dust from her slightly smoking fist. As her purple hair flickered from the momentum, His first thoughts ”Wow… Shes the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen ”

Imra was disappointed. Alexis was far too pathetic right now. Despite having all the tools available to crush everything in this dungeon. The moment she blocked the arrow, deciding to make him the strongest man in the world no matter what he was now, as the fear of losing him almost shattered her soul.

”Stand up. Why are you acting like a wuss? Its a single arrow. Even spit can heal a wound that small. Be a real man stand up! Fight! ”

”Eh? ”

Alexis was stunned. His own summons began berating him, however being called a wuss reminded him of that pathetic self, avoiding conflict, people and relationships. ”No, I cannot go back…. ” He dragged his body still half standing, Alexis wondering if Imra was using her magic to hold the Goblin in place as it looked scared and unable to move. She seemed to want him to have a rematch.

”Don eh me, **ing stand up and fight. I won help you next time. If you don block it, you die as trash! ”

”Tsk! ”

Alexis clicked his tongue. ”Ill give you three seconds to prepare. ” When hearing her words, he was shocked. Imra then began speaking to the goblin in a demon tongue.

”Krrrlak Xiv Menz Velsr Zmnax Dar dar raxzl ”

His brain couldn comprehend what the language meant, as demons were said to speak through gesture, meaning if he said those words as they sounded without her gesture itd mean something completely different.


The goblin nocked an arrow on its bow, slowly drawing its third arrow. The succubus whore had said if it killed the pansy elf like a human, shed let it leave alive. It didn trust her, however. At least it could now move. It wore a sadistic grin as the time counted down as it prepared to fire the arrow toward Alexis.

”Hah… Hah… Fuck… Never! ”

Alexis wasn a martial artist, had never even fought in his life. All he knew were video games in the last moments before the goblin could move. He closed his eyes, trying to psych himself up. ”You can do this. Its just a monster NPC. Don be scared! Don falter!. ”

”I can do it ”

”I can do it! ”


The arrow soaring through the air, nothing Alexis could do with his current skill-set to avoid it with his low agility, his mind making the most stupid, yet efficient move turned slightly so the arrow would pierce just beside his lungs missing any major organs, whilst his teeth drove into his tongue as an iron taste filled his mouth, his face wincing he was going to face the goblin as a trash prince NPC vs monster NPC.

”Awaken O Shadow! ”

Alexis called out his own chant, inspired by the various novels hed read. This helped him focus on the spell.

He saw the incoming arrow, biting down on his tongue to adapt to the severe pain which would likely impact him in moments. The shadow originally surrounding his hand, now growing almost covering his entire body until finally becoming a black crackling shadow with a tinge of dark red now like an aura. The intense pain within his mouth caused the aura to flicker like flames.

”I can do this. I am Alexis Van Garland! ”

”I am not Alex Walker, the useless otaku trash! ”

”I will overcome myself! ”


The arrow tore through his chest, feeling the stone tip piercing through his flesh, forcing itself through the back of his chest. Blood flowed from his back, leaving a hole in his body. His vision faded momentarily, remaining vaguely blurred.

Alexis was feeling intense pain, his hand pierced by the crude arrow covered in blackened blood, and a strange fluid that seemed to have infected with some kind of goblin poison, now jittering uncontrollably. ”Fuck, this hurts so bad… Ugh!? ” His thoughts stopped momentarily, however, his shadow aura continued flickering like a dark red mantle.

His mind drifted. Once again he berated himself for losing focus, his blurred eyes now seeming slightly hollow, like the eyes of a corpse peering towards the now shuddering goblin, watching the male with two arrows stuck inside of him approaching it.

Imra was also slightly worried. Their link seemed strange, almost like Alexis became a different person. He felt cold and eerie moving, almost like a corpse, his body stumbling towards the goblin, never turning his hollow yet glowing eyes away from his prey.

”Devour! My shadow ”

His shadow aura became fierce flickered suddenly almost like it was a living entity, enlarging to cover several metres around him both Imra and the goblin felt the devils abyss itself was going to engulf them, a chilling icy cold enveloped the both of them, and the goblin panicked whilst screaming trying to escape as the shadow enveloped its feet several hands grabbed at the goblins legs, leaving deep dark blue finger marks the shadow slowly melting the goblins flesh.

Alexis stood where the goblin died, leaving only a magic crystal lay inside a pile of dust, his figure still pale from the blood loss and blurry from the mantle flickering around Alexis, as the mantle retracted entering Alexis, bringing with it part of the goblins vitality and mana.

Imra saw the colour restored to his face, feeling more confident. However, the eerie feeling never completely disappeared. She approached his body that began dropping, weakened and entering shock.

Her muscular arms holding his body, first deciding to remove the arrow from his hand. She checked over, noticing the poison unaffected, she snapped the arrow in half, removing both sides from the wound.

”Ugh… Aghh! ” Alexis moaned in pain. His consciousness had already faded.

Imra leant down, opening her luscious lips as she allowed her thick foamy saliva to drool onto his hand, feeling like it was enough she spat roughly ”Peh! ” Imra started rubbing her saliva into his wound which seemed to have a cleansing effect as the black goblin blood simply evaporated into the air.

”This one will be a little dangerous… ”

She leant down, both hands grasping the arrow lodged into his chest. The blood had now begun forming a puddle as it bubbled within his chest, staining his shirt and body. Imra started breaking the arrow in two.


”Ughk! ”

Imra quickly opened her mouth as his blood began squirting out placing her mouth upon his wound, sucking onto his wound, filling her mouth with his sweet tasting blood almost feeling like a vampire as her body flushed in pleasure, her tongue grew longer able to reach into the arrows pierce wound, as her wet sticky tongue filled the entire wound with her fluids, removing the goblins toxins and helping the healing process.


Her bright red tongue, covered in blood and saliva, licked her plump lips seductively, watching over the peaceful Alexis stroking his hair with slow, gentle movements like a mother.

”Mmmmmph~ delicious, my dear Alexis, You survived a succubuss kiss of death. ”

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