Orion and I decide to stay at his home for the day since it was impossible to go to school like this. Orion was a little chipper after I kissed him but Im still a little worried about him. He was so uneven a while ago and Im just so worried about him. Is he alright? Has there been something I don yet know?

”Heres your meal, I hope you like it~! ” Orion says while coming to the room with a tray full of food. My mouth waters up as I look at the food. There are fruits, a glass full of juice I presume, some sandwiches and a plate full of risotto. The food smells good and I can wait to taste it.

”Thank you, Orion, I hope it wasn a burden. ” I say smiling.

”Of course it wasn . Eat up. ” Orion says smiling too. After tasting the food my mouth curves into a smile.

”This is so good! What did you put in this? ”

”Um, carrots, tuna and rice, I think? ”

”Well, this is really good. You are great husband material, I see. ” I say teasing him. He turns bright red and tries to hide his face.

”How can you be so cute…. ” he mutters so quietly that its hard to hear what he said. Im not sure if I heard correctly even. I blush anyway and after seeing my face he smiles at me.

”Im not cute-! ”

”Are you blushing? ” He teases me. God damn it.

”Of course not- ”

”Thats cute too. ” My face deepens without my permission and he comes to sit right beside me.

”Wh-what do mean-? ” I yelped as he suddenly hugged me his head resting on my shoulder.

e too cute for your own good. ” He whispers to my ear and makes my heat up even more if that was even possible. How come he can say embarrassing things so easily?! I hugged him tighter so that he can see my face burning up, though Im pretty sure he can feel the heat radiating off me. He sighs with happiness and says:

”What am I gonna do with you…? ”

He then pushes my back to the bed and starts looking at me from above. My face is still red as he stares lovingly at me and caresses my face with his hand.

”May I? ” He whispered softly and hovers just above my lips.

”Don ask it like that and just do it…. ” I say my face redder and when the words left my mouth he then kisses me softly. I grab my hands around his neck touching his hair shyly. He deepens the kiss and I gasp as he takes his hand to my ear caressing it. The tingly sensation spreads my full body and he takes my open mouth as an invitation to put his tongue in. He carefully slides his tongue around my mouth exploring where I like it. When he founds a spot I was not aware of myself a shiver runs down my spine. The good one. When he finally pulls away Im a breathless mess.

”I like you, [Name]. I like you a lot. More than I can express. ” He says breathless as well.

”I like you too Orion. ” I say smiling trying to catch my breath. He smiles back at me and whispers in my ear:

”Do you want to continue? ”

”Yes. ” I say breathlessly the word sliding from my lips like a sigh.

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