” I really hope, Duncan comes home quickly today !!! ” Irina says as she just does her paperwork to get a day off since this is her first anniversary with Duncan, the man he just married just last year.

As she drives to their home, which is a medium house made for both of them since they think that they probably should not live in a large house for now since they did not have kids currently.

The reason why they think of that is again because of the time that they give into their jobs as they now had high positions in their workplaces which means they had higher things to do which requires a lot of energy. (No wonder they had a hard time doing those things, they usually come home at 1 a.m. and go to sleep without any rituals ado.)

As she drives home, this evening that she is grateful had after signing some off work papers, she immediately buys some things including a small cake just for both of them as they only want to make just a small party for the two of them since she knows that Duncan must be tired after doing his Dungeon things.

” Green Matcha Cake, Duncans favorite !!! ” Irina says as she brings the cake to her car as she arrives at their current home while preparing some of the things.

” By the New Gods, I pray that Duncan will arrive at home safely. ”

” And also, please have him come home with some surprises today since our days have been bored lately. ”

( Back into the Dungeon.)

I was so stupid at the time since I never knew that these monsters will become so powerful that I myself, an S-Rank will have a hard time, fighting monsters from what to predict to be a Rare Dungeon.

But instead, the monsters that I and the deceased ones faced are monsters that I think maybe come from a Legendary Dungeon or some sort since I can identify what are these monsters since I don have something to scan them and identify them based on their mana aura which is a very vague detection method since I know that sometimes, …

One is able to manipulate their aura release which is very common among the Legendary Monsters Ive faced before.

” Back then, it needed just two or three S-Ranks to defeat legendary monsters. ”

” Now, I heard that we now need ten of us to defeat just one of them. ” I say to myself as I alone am currently fighting against ten giant black monsters that I predicted as legendary monsters (correct me if Im wrong, for this is just mere speculation of these gigantic monster types. )

!!!!!!! ”

!!!!! ”

As I do that, I immediately destroy some of the giant black monsters as I continuously attack the other giant black monsters while looking back at the black lake as I wonder if the lake can summon other monsters such as these.

”( There must be an item, that caused this summoning inside that lake, or … ) ” I think while seeing the Altar in front of the Black Tree that for instance looks like a hand to me.

” Thats it, the altar …!!!! ” I say while having to dodge some of the giants attack as they used their big and long hands.

”( So that is the cause of the summoning, its that blackball thing on the top of the altar !!! ) ” I say when I try to dive into the altar in order to end this quickly, but sadly the Black Giants fought hard to prevent me from going there since that place must be a sacred place for them.

As I try to get there, I then decide to use my spell which is which makes my wind that spins so hard around my body explode and rips my enemies into pieces which happens just that to these Black Giants as I immediately flee using my wind to bring me into the air and help me go into that very altar.

”( This must be it !!!! ) ”

”( The treasure …. huh !!!?? ) ” At that moment, I saw the Blackball open I then see that from that ball comes out a child with black skin and hair as it looks at me with its pale white eyes.

”( A child … ) ” I say while landing on the altar, but when I try to land, suddenly from the black lake, comes out a greater black giant that body is filled with black liquid as its hand tries to stop me from taking the child away from this very place.

” Bet … za … lel …!!!!! ” the monster says while I see that it is looking at the child as he tries to brush me away and protect the child.

”( Is that the childs name? what kind of child is he? ) ” I wonder to myself since I believe that even though the childs color is abnormal, I realize that the child has a humanoid body and it seems it has a humanistic behavior too just like a normal baby or a normal child since I believe the child is only two or three years old based from his height.

”( The monster is protecting the child, seeing this makes me wonder if the giant black monster is the Dungeons Boss or this child? ) ”

”( Since to me, the child looks more like that master or … ) ” I think to myself as I wonder if the child is the Black Giants child which I assume like that for now since I didn care about the childs origins for now and decided to take him away from this Dungeon.

As I dodged the Black Giants attacks, I immediately use my full Wind Magic to leap further so I can grab the Black Baby I then did that which made the Black Giant stop attacking me as I hold the boy who seemed to look at me with full curiosity.

” Guu … ”

< Scanning Scanning >

< Identifying >

”( Why is the baby looking at me like that? is he observing me? ) ”

”( Guess the baby spent too much with monsters which made him so confused to see a human right now? ) ”

As I say that, the Black Giant then can only look at me as it then melts back into the Black Lake which leaves both me and the Baby as I hold it in my arms while he sleeps.

At the moment, after all, that happened, I thought that all of this are over.

” Hand over that baby !!!! ” a voice says as from behind the large stones, the remaining members of the Warblade guild come out.


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