unknowingly uses the Slimes basic skill which is < Liquid Body >.

As he tries to dodge her Donovan then runs here and there to make Sonya angry she then uses her skill to such him into her Tornado which she then does at full strength.

” Come here, boy !!!!!!!!!!!! ” Sonya calls for Donovan as he tries to run to the ground while the wind around pulls him towards Sonya.

” Come here, your real destiny awaits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Sonya tells him.

” Since you came from the Double Dungeon, that means you belong to me .. the one that orders the Hunter Association to investigate that Dungeon in the first place … ”

” You are the Dungeons treasure, the Dungeons reward, the thing that shouldve belongs to me and the Warlord Guild !!!! ”

” For you belong to us !!!!! ”

” Donovan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Sonya says as she sucked Donovan in but instead of capturing him, Donovans slime body then starts to increase as hes the one that captured her while swallowing her very body.

As it happens, Sonya tries to burst him away with her abilities to no avail as she then sees Donovan is absorbing her.

” Dono .. van !!!! What … are … you … doing? ” she asks as she tries to free herself to no avail while trying to talk some sense to Donovan but sadly, Donovan can no longer hear her as he seems to have no control over his doings now while some unknown voices are telling him things, things that people never do to their kids.

” Eat her ”

” Kill her ”

” Murder her ”

” Rip her of her very EXP !!!! ”

The voices said to Donovan, voices that came from his memory although Donovan seems to not know the voices identities as he only thinks that those voices seemed so familiar as he feels that had heard them directly before.

” GGaaaaa …. ” Donovan tries to fully swallow Sonya even though Sonya tries to stop him but sadly, Donovan managed to fully cover her with his liquid as Sonya is trapped within his Black Body as she was extracted by the black shadow liquids as she then dies in Donovans hands.

” No …oooo !!!! ” Sonya screams for her life as Donovan extracted her and then returns to his baby boy form which he then sees the things that he can only see says.

< Extraction Skill Complete >

< Reward: >

< Assassin Talent Extracted >

< With this *Talent, the user can open the assassin class in the next levels. >

< *Talent: A feature that gives the user the basic ability in order to unlock many of the users status features in the future. >

Donovan, being a kid he is, just brushes off those notifications, as he then returns back to his mother and her siblings who were shocked to see him return.

” Donovan !!!!!! ”

” Guuu !!!!! ”

Donovan then goes into Irinas arms as she hugs him close.

” Oh my dear Donovan, are you alright? did she hurt you anywhere? ”

” Guuu … ” Donovan answers with happy emotion.

” Oh my baby boy, Im sorry … Im sorry that I was unable to protect you from that woman … ” Irina cries while hugging Donovan which Donovan just replied as he said the word.

” Guuuuu … ”

< Emotion: +20 >

< Fatigue: -8 >

< EXP +1.000 >


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