Ayesha shut the door as she entered her assigned room, her cheeks heating up as she thought back to the man washing the dishes in the kitchen. His broad shoulders tightening as lifted a dish from the soapy water. His biceps clenching, his fingers holding on to the dish, his calloused hands making the holding firm. His shirt taut against his chest and back, stretching as if it were to rip as he leaned forward to pick dirty dishes.

Ayesha shivered and shook her head as she realized the track of her thoughts.

”No, no, no, no! ” She chanted in her head. ”Astaghfirullah! What am I thinking?! What on Earth is wrong with me? ” (I seek forgiveness from Allah)

Groaning in frustration, Ayesha pulled the comforter over her head.

”Go to sleep, everything will be back to normal in the morning. ” She thought to herself.

But the poor girl did not know that the rich businessman was just beginning to conquer the kingdom of her heart and that he ruled over her dreams.


Zeeshan contemplated going back to sleep, but he couldn . So instead, he checked files, corrected in a few ledgers, and made presentations that were not due any time soon. Time moved fast and soon, it was time for office.

Zeeshan did the same routine as every morning. Facewash and brushing his teeth came first. It was followed by a warm or cold shower, depending on his mood. Next, came dressing into one of his many-coloured tailored suits. He then picked the watch gifted by his father during his first successful business deal and set his hair. Picking his laptop and files from the couch, he placed them in his leather bag and zipped them up. Then came the last of his routine, breakfast with his mother dearest.

He made his way down the stairs, bag in hand. He walked to the dining room and found his mother placing plates on the table. He smiled at the figure of his mother as the sun shone around her. That was her true form, an angel.

Zeeshan chuckled to himself.

” Assalamu aleikum mama. ” He greeted.

Zeeshans mother turned towards him and greeted him back. ”I figured you needed something light and filling at the same time. ”

Zeeshan looked over at the table to find Spanish omelettes and oats, along with some orange juice and coffee. Zeeshan plated the food for his mother and himself and watched as his mother sipped her tea while lost in thought.

”Whats wrong mama? Is there something troubling you? ” He asked, a little sceptical.

”Oh, nothing dear. I was just wondering why Ayesha hasn woken up yet. ” His mother replied, a warm smile on her ageing face.

Zeeshan choked on his juice. His thoughts returned to earlier that morning. His mother turned to him, her eyes narrowed to slits.

”Do you know something? ” She asked her tone one of investigation.

Zeeshan cleared his throat and looked away. ”Umm, no mama. I know nothing. ”

”Then why do you look so guilty? ”

Zeeshan ignored that question and continued devouring his food, not once turning to look into his mothers eyes.

”Im getting late, mama. ” He said once he was done. ”Ill leave now, see you in the evening. ”

As quick as his feet could take him, Zeeshan retreated from the dining room and made his way out of the house. He walked into the garage and snatched his car keys off the key holder beside the switchboard. He clicked on the fob and watched as the headlights of his 2020 Ford Explorer flickered.

He boarded his car and ignited its engine. He then stepped on the accelerator and left through the large gates marking the entrance of the Zaweri Mansion. Sitting through 15-minute traffic, Zeeshan had finally reached his destination. He stopped at the parking lot entrance and handed his car to a guard to park it for him.

Swiftly, he walked into the building and made his way to his own cabin. There, he placed his leather bag on the desk and began removing his belongings. He took off his blazer and placed it at the back of his seat, and sat down. He turned on his laptop as he called for his secretary to use the intercom.

A knock sounded on his office door moments later. With his permission, his secretary entered the cabin, a notebook in hand.

”Good morning Sir, ” he greeted, ”How can I assist you this morning? ”

Zeeshan greeted back and began giving orders for the day. His loyal secretary began writing every word he uttered, to prevent forgetting any order. Once that was done, Zeeshan dismissed his secretary and continued working through the pile of paperwork in his office.

A few hours and a couple of coffees later, the door to Zeeshans cabin was slammed against the wall. He raised his eyes to find a dramatic pig standing at the entrance. The dramatic pig, by name, was Saeed Salman, Zeeshans best friend.

”How dare you! We
e best friends! We
e to tell each other everything. ” Saeed shouted as he made his way to Zeeshans desk.

”What did I not tell you this time? ” Zeeshan asked in a bored tone.

”That you have chosen a bride. ”

That got Zeeshans attention.

”And who told you that? ” He inquired in a no-nonsense tone.

”Well, your mother of course. Who else? And to think I made you my best friend! ” Saeed continued complaining in a dramatic tone.

Zeeshan ignored his best friend and called for beverages from the cafeteria. He then motioned for Saeed to sit and asked him to explain clearly.

Saeed then proceeded to explain how he had called Zeeshans mother and the woman had explained how Zeeshan had taken a liking to a guest.

”Theres nothing of the sort, ” Zeeshan explained. ”Mama is just blowing things out of proportion. ”

Just then, a waiter walked into the office with the beverages Zeeshan had ordered. He left one in front of each man and left the room.

Zeeshan successfully worked on changing the topic of interest. They talked about almost everything. From business to politics. All the while, Zeeshan thought of how to rid his mother of the thoughts of marrying him off.

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