Ji Yuenian lifted his head and looked up at the woman floating in the air, and said softly, “If I guessed correctly, after you were born with the help of willpower, you should have been restricted in some way.
Which made it so that you couldn’t leave the fringes of Mao Cao village at all; otherwise, you wouldn’t have led me here so deliberately.”

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The woman's eyes were evidently shocked for the first time, and the ghostly aura around her body gradually diminished.

What Ji Yuenian said was correct.
She only had the cultivation of the upper realm of True Dao Realm within the Mao Cao village.
Once she left the village, she was just a special ghost that had entered the realm of Xuan.

Although she sensed the arrival of the two Daoists and the sword-wielding youth the other day, she did not care at all, because once they entered the village, they would have been destroyed by their own actions.

But Ji Yuenian arrived, she sensed a faint sense of crisis.
Therefore, prompting her to spend a little of her body’s energy.
Forcibly splitting her ghost self to leave the village, possessing the body of the braided girl, and trying to lure Ji Yuenian in an attempt to kill him first.

“Do you want those Mountain God statues in the village?” Ji Yuenian stood quietly outside the Mao Cao village and asked, all of a sudden.

The woman's eyes moved slightly, but she didn't open her mouth.

Ji Yuenian said in a spirited voice, “I can help you find them, but you need to give me the 30% origin energy.”

“Impossible!” The woman shook her head, “The Body Ghost Origin is different from the rest, and you’re asking me for 30% of my origin, you can keep dreaming!”

Ji Yuenian said nothing, turned his head, and left.

When she left the Mao Cao village, this ghost has no more than the power of a Xuan realm.
As long as he did not step into the Mao Cao village, there would be almost no danger under the protection of the golden Xuan energy of the Great Compassion Mantra.

“Stop!” The woman's voice came from behind, “At most, I will give you 10% of the ghost origin-energy, and you must find all the Mountain God statues in Mao Cao Village.”

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The young man did not turn back and said, “20%.”

The woman gritted her teeth, “If it weren't for the fact that I lost my body and spirit, and couldn't touch those Mountain Gods … That's all, 20% then!”

Even if she had to pay the full 20% of her body's origin, she no longer hesitated because the will within the Mountain God statue was more important to her.


With that, he headed straight for the village.

The Body Ghost Origin was of great use to him.

The ancient city of Taichu, Ji family.

“Mother, do you really want to do this?”

Ji Quexue's little face was full of tears, she sobbed and raised her head, looking at the woman in front of her, who had a determined look on her face.

The woman's face softened a bit, she looked down at her and said in a low voice: “Quexue, mother's affection for Ji Hong has never changed, but now he wants to push you and me into the abyss, mother doesn't care.
But you're too young to have to live with that.”

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“Father won't do that,” Ji Quexue stretched out her sleeve and wiped the tears on her face.
“Father has always been kind and generous, how could he have the heart to let us bear the charge of murdering our eldest brother? I don't believe it!”

“Kind and generous?” The woman shook her head with a smile and reached out to touch Ji Quexue's blue hair.
“Quexue, listen to your mother, take the things I gave you and leave quickly, and never come back.”


The door was smashed to pieces by violent Dao energy!

“Leave? Where do you want Ji Quexue to go?”

With a frosty face, Ji Hong strode in, followed by more than ten extremely powerful elite guards of the Ji family.

“Master!?” The woman's expression changed slightly.
She never thought that Ji Hong would come to the side yard at this time, and break into the room so rudely.

Ji Liuguang, the only son of the third branch of Ji's family, stood from behind Ji Hong and said in a low voice, “Patriarch, how would you like to deal with the two who murdered the eldest son?”

“Xu Lihua’er has a heart like that of a scorpion and a snake.
Because of her hatred for the eldest son, Ji Yuenian, she sought the position given by the Supreme Spirit of He Xuan for Ji Quexue.
They invited an upper realm Spirit to destroy Ji Yuenian’s cultivation base and threw him into the barrier of the heavenly furnace; not even his body could be retrieved from there.” As Ji Hong’s cold voice sounded, the woman’s complexion paler and paler.
“There two are heinous beyond repentance.
The patriarch of the family has decided to … execute them on the spot for their crimes.”

Ji Liuguang was stunned for a moment, then looked sideways at the mother and daughter pair, feeling an unbearable pang in his heart.
But then he forcibly suppressed it with reason and respectfully replied, “I’ll follow the will of the Patriarch.”

“Father! It's not true! Lord Patriarch! Ji Yuenian … the eldest son is really not our fault! Father!” Ji Quexue crawled over crying, hugging Ji Hong's thigh, apparently incoherent.

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“Quexue, come back,” Xu Lian'er raised her head, looked at the man she loved the most, and gritted her teeth.
“Ji Hong knows better than anyone that you and I are innocent, so what's the use of talking to him about this?”

More than ten elite guards of the Ji family stood in the hall expressionless, waiting for orders.

Ji Hong lowered his head and looked at the crying Ji Quexue, and glanced at the silent Ji Liuguang beside him, his brows frowned slightly, and said coldly, “Ji Liuguang, you won’t do it yet!?”

In order to support the third branch to suppress Ji Luoyan and Ji Baiyu's second branch, Ji Hong had also taken great pains.
At this time, he still wanted to help Ji Liuguang to establish some power.

“Yes, master!”

Ji Liuguang calmed down and pulled out the long sword from his waist with his backhand.
Without hesitation, he slashed towards Ji Quexue at Ji Hong's feet!

He had not yet ignited his Heart Fire and was not considered a real cultivator.


The sound of the gold and iron clanging was heard throughout the entire hall, and Xu Lian'er rushed over with a small sword at some point, which stopped Ji Liuguang's sword stance.

“Ji Hong, although my father has long expelled me from the family, but if you really kill me, are you not afraid that one day the Xu family will for you?”

Xu Lian'er's face was unpleasant, the family that she never wanted to think of became her and Ji Quexue's only life-saving straw at this time.

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Ji Hong was expressionless and turned a deaf ear.

Looking up at the sword which glowed coldly overhead, Ji Quexue froze in place.

Only then did she truly believe that the dignified and generous father of the past really wanted her to die.

“Why? Why!?”

Looking up at the cold-faced Ji Hong, Ji Quexue felt a strangeness that she had never felt before.

Although Ji Hong was the head of the family, he was not too harsh on her on weekdays, and he even cared for her sometimes.
At this moment, in Ji Quexue's eyes, all the previous memories of Ji Hong were shattered and replaced by his current cold and hard gaze.


A crimson flame rose from the depths of her soul!

She actually ignited a Heart Fire at this moment!

Although the Ji family was one of the several aristocratic cultivators who govern the ancient city of Taichu, there were very few people who ignited their Heart Fire.
There were only ten people in the Xuan Realm, and only two in the True Dao Realm.
Which was enough to show how difficult it was to ignite one’s Heart Fire.

This was the case for cultivation families with cultivation resources and ancestral bloodlines, and it was hard to imagine how difficult it was for those mortals with no background whatsoever, to ignite Heart Fire.

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