The giant black hand had already pierced through the rain curtain and attacked him from the front.

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Ji Yuenian mobilized the remaining Xuan energy, condensing a translucent Azure Spiritual Shield.
However, his expression turned dark all of a sudden.

Although 'The Cultivation Manual Of The Secret Supernatural Skill – Indestructible Body' was incomparably miraculous; they were defensive techniques, and were not made to attack.
among those miraculous defensive techniques, what he displayed at that moment was not enough.
He had no choice but to use the Azure Spiritual Shield.

Using Heart Fire as a means of killing was definitely not a long-term plan.
After all, Heart Fire was the foundation of cultivation.
Once someone saw through it and found it to be a mutant Heart Fire, the consequences would be disastrous.

Before he had the time to think about it, the giant black hand had already grabbed onto the Azure Spiritual Shield.

One after another, translucent ripples started to appear on the shield, and the azure shield gradually formed a slight crack.
Under the attack of the raging ghost, the crack on the light shield became bigger and bigger, and it finally shattered like a daydream.

Ji Yuenian was shaken by the aftershocks and the impact sent him flying more than ten feet away.
The Xuan energy in his Shengong acupuncture point was exhausted and he could no longer defend against her aggressive attacks.

The rainstorm became more and more rampant.
Ji Yuenian barely sat up from the mire, and his body was soaked with mud and water.
The bean-sized raindrops fiercely hit his face and body, compelling him to close his eyes.

“Tastes good.” The ghost energy re-coalesced the figure of the black-clad girl.
She stretched out her hand, grabbed the two Demonic Tree from the other side, and casually threw one of them into her mouth.
“It's a pity that this newborn Demonic Tree is too weak to be of much use to me.”

Ji Yuenian raised his head slightly, and his eyes pierced through the dense rain curtain, looking at the arrogant and condemning young girl hovering in the mid-air.

This scene was very similar to when he had his arm cut off by the mountain ghost, and he was unable to resist it.
At that time, his condition was the same as a weak prey waiting to be slaughtered.

Recalling that scene, a fire lit up in his heart.

In the depths of his soul, that pitch-black flame shone again, and a brilliant golden light gradually emerged from it, and the phantom of the Heart Fire in the Shengong acupoint also tumbled violently.

But… Even though the fire was extremely mysterious, his arm had already been lost, and his Xuan energy had dried up.
He had no choice but to urge the fire to devour the ghost in the late stage of the Xuan Realm.

After all, this woman was different from the mountain ghost.
Although the mountain ghost Qing Yan had a tyrannical cultivation base at the Late stage of True Dao Realm, she had abandoned her spiritual body which had two heads and nine arms, leaving only the Origin Yin Energy to sneak into Ji Yuenian's soul.
In front of his Heart Fire, she was no different from a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

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The cultivation base of that ghost was only at the late stage of the Xuan Realm.
However, if he were to face it head-on, it was impossible for Ji Yuenian, who had no means of attacking, to be the opponent of the ghost.

“Isn’t the rain so fierce that your Heart Fire is about to extinguish?” The young girl devoured the two Demonic Tree.
Only then did she look at Ji Yuenian.
“If the answer satisfies me, then I will spare you,.”

The ghost’s delicate and pretty face could only be said to be cold and extremely horrendous.
It lacked even a slightest bit of mercy.

The Qingluan Mountain was just a place for alchemy, and it was unworthy of Egret demon king's attention.

It was a pity that these demons and ghosts regarded it as a holy place for cultivation, and believed that the insurmountable barrier of the furnace was a test for them.

Ji Yuenian sneered and remained silent.

The young girl took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of Ji Yuenian, her body encompassed in yin energy.

“Keep laughing, I'll let you laugh enough.
If you don't say anything, I'll watch your Heart Fire extinguish, witness your cultivation being destroyed, and finally your soul being eroded by the rain.”

She laughed softly.

Ji Yuenian replied in a low voice, “Stupid.”

The smile on the young girl's face gradually froze down, the Yin energy around her body slightly trembled, and she stretched out a fair and slender jade hand, grabbing on the top of Ji Yuenian's head.
“Speak! Tell me! Or I will pull out your soul and chew one bite at a time!”

Under the invasion of the Yin energy, the slender hand gradually turned into a ghostly claw, tightly digging in the dark hair of Ji Yuenian.

It was still not the right time.

Ji Yuenian gradually felt a sense of weakness washing all over his body, but he still forcibly suppressed the idea of ​​​​using the Psychic Karma Fire.

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Although the Psychic Karma Fire was a mutated Heart Fire, and it would never be completely extinguished under such violent rain, it had still dimmed a little bit.

If he made a move at this moment, he could only devour half of the ghost's origin Yin energy at most.
Once the distance between them widened, he would still not be its opponent.

“Still not speaking?”

With a cruel smile, she tightened the grip of her claws around Ji Yuenian's head, and the sound of a cracking skull echoed under the fierce rain.

Slowly, blood overflowed from Ji Yuenian's closed eyes, an indescribable pain invaded his core, and a stream of dizziness enveloped him.

In the midst of the chaos, like a thunderbolt from the blue, a lightning exploded in the depths of his soul, tearing apart the fog within the true soul's original memory.


“Your Highness Bodhisattva, I really don't dare.
In this life, I wish that my soul would be destroyed to atone for my sins.
I just ask Your Highness to keep my True Spirit alive and give me a chance to reincarnate.”

The young man in white robe knelt on the ground and looked up at the noble existence above the sky, his eyes filled with remorse and pleading.

Behind him, there were hundreds of huge demons who were rushing to the sky.
These demons were all puzzled and angry at this moment, and they all looked at the figure kneeling in front of them.

“Great Sage, why are you kneeling down for this little girl's favor?” A magnificent man in red armor stepped out.
He first glanced at the white-robed youth in shock and anger, and then stared at the sky above the sky.
He continued, “I think she has a bit of beauty in my opinion.
Let's do it together and catch this bitch and play with her!”

“Shut up!” Hearing this, the young man in white robe could not help but tremble violently, gritted his teeth and turned to growl towards him.

“Great Sage!”

“Great Sage, why are you being like this!?”

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“Although I can't sense this woman's cultivation, most of us are great demons who have crossed the second tribulation, and the Great Sage Bai Yu has even crossed the third tribulation.
Why are you so afraid of her?”

Several great demons with shocking momentum all walked over in unison, looking at the white-robed youth with a strange gaze.

‘Is this still the Great Sage Bai Yu who led us to traverse several worlds, unified hundreds of demon kingdoms, and annihilated countless gods between heaven and earth?’

“I am doing this for your own good, follow me and kneel down to beg for forgiveness, maybe you can still keep your True Spirit to reincarnate! If it's too late…”

Great Sage Bai Yu's eyes were red, and his tone was extremely anxious.

“Bai Yu, do you know the meaning of the Spirit Reposing Mantra?”

The noble and deep voice spread across heaven and earth.

Standing on the golden thousand-leaf lotus pedestal that hovered above the sky, the woman was dressed in a plain moon-white gauze, and behind her, a dazzling and magnificent wheel of karma emerged.

This was actually a venerable Bodhisattva who could travel through worlds.

The body of the Great Sage Bai Yu shuddered again, and his kneeling posture became even more humble as he whispered, “Replying to the Bodhisattva, the Spirit Reposing Mantra is the divine power of the Bodhisattva.
Back then…
when the venerable master wanted to teach me, yet I never practiced.”

The woman smiled lightly, and there seemed to be a golden warmth drifting around the world.

“You are too naughty, you did not practice Buddhism by my side, but instead you acted like a demon in this small corner of West Niuhe Island.” She stroked her jade hand, and a golden light appeared on her fingertips.
“Forget it, you were just a piece of mine at the beginning.
The soul fragment that was born of enlightenment, and now that I have met you, I will ferry you.
It can also be considered to have fulfilled the karma between us.”

The Great Sage Bai Yu looked desperate, but he could not even utter a single sentence to beg for mercy.

He knew very well that Her Holiness, the Bodhisattva's golden words, once they were spoken, he would have no chance of return.

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Under the Buddha mantra, his True Spirit would be completely destroyed and he would not have a chance to reincarnate.

The hundreds of demons behind him clamored up and became more and more noisy.

The world in the eyes of the Great Sage Bai Yu had gradually blurred.
All kinds of noisy sounds lingered around his ear.
He did not know when the world was already filled with exuberant golden light.

The golden light encompassed the sky, and everything returned to silence.

The Spirit Reposing mantra.


The Spirit Reposing Mantra originated from the sacred mountain of Luo Jia.
It was the divine mantra of Her Holiness Guanyin Bodhisattva.


The rain poured heavily with no intention to stop.

The grip of the ghostly claws of the girl in black were getting tighter and tighter, and the seven orifices of Ji Yuenian were slowly bleeding under the torment.
He was apparently already on the verge of death.

“What!? How could you, an ant, wake up?”

She stared at Ji Yuenian's blood-filled face, with a hint of disbelief laced in her tone.

The boy slowly opened his eyes, and the corners of his already cracked mouth forced out a smile.

“Filthy ghost.”

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