de talents means being on the par with the number one geniuses of the god realm.

In the world even the previous protagonist and some of the greatest figures of the future also didn have this grade of talent and instead they have used the rare treasures to improve their talent grades.

Looking at my talent grade i almost jumped out of excitement, this new system is really awesome i never thought it could just change the effect of a perfect grade pill to that of supreme grade.

”I love you system ”

Tsk too bad that this isn an intellectual system but then also it is a lot more useful than the previous one.

Looking at the status again next was the realm of cultivation which was at the Martial Emperor Rank-1 now.

There are a total of 27 realms in the world which are divided into god realms, immortal and mortal realms each containing 9 realms.

All the realms are later divided into 9 ranks which even though looks minor requires years of hardwork for going from one rank to another.

For the Mortal Realms which we are concerned about now, Core Formation, Martial Apprentice, Martial Warrior, Martial Master, Martial King, Martial Monarch, Martial Emperor, Transcendent and Immortal Transformation.

In this world it is still a year and half till the gate of the upper world to open, even though people weren properly able to cultivate but then also they can cultivate a little.

Being a martial emperor in this world means almost invincible but then also there are still a few people who are stronger than me and kill me because of their higher ranks, being someone in this realm in this age here is almost unbelievable but in the world of immortals and gods it is simply nothing.

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