Absolute Villain

Just a random wandering baby - alright!

ldn handle walking for a long time. So every few minutes, I have to rest for a while before continuing my search again.

A babys body simply could not handle this type of activity.

Glug, glug, glug, aaahh!

After drinking some water, I continued my search again.

I suddenly heard some noises ahead of me when I arrived near a swamp.


If I wasn wrong, the sound seemed like the roar of some wild animal.

I carried the knife and slowed down my pace as I carefully advanced toward the bushes a few steps ahead of me. There was where I heard the noise coming from.

After carefully pushing away the bushes to unblock my field of view, I peeked and looked over.


Nothing was there ahead of me. It was just an empty green field. ”Hm… ” But the sound came from there, Im sure of it.


I suddenly heard again the growling sound. Now I am more certain that it was truly coming from there.

I came out of the bushes and followed it. And then to my surprise, the plain field I thought was a moment ago was actually a cliff. I carefully moved closer to peek down.

I saw that this cliff was quite high. I believe its thirty-plus feet deep.

At this height, I would be dead if I fell so I have to be careful. I crawled to the ground to make sure I didn fall if I lost my balance by accident. I have to take every precaution to ensure my safety.

My eyes widened slightly when I looked below.

Wait! That is…

I saw something familiar to me. I quickly searched in my mind where I saw it. Fortunately, it didn take a while for me to remember it.

…one of the ferocious-looking creatures I saw in the book! I exclaimed inwardly when I remembered it.

Since I could not read what was written there, so I don know how the book describes it. But seeing it right now personally, I can tell that it was scary and that I should avoid it no matter what.

That one is big bad news for me.

Although I did not understand what was written there, if I base it on the drawing itself, it is like an illustration of ferocious creatures in order. Well, Im not sure but thats my suspicion and understanding from the drawings I saw in the book.

And if my suspicions are correct, that one is at a higher level compared to the other creatures out there.

This one… you cannot say is a kind of animal or beast. Maybe monster is more appropriate to call this one.

I mean… its form is not far from a giant worm. It is scary and looks fierce. There are sharp, seemingly lateral, sharp bones sticking out from its head to its tail.

Its skin is gray and black and it can also be seen that it seems to be the size of a bear.



The giant worm lifted its head and looked in the direction where I was spectating.

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