Absolute Villain

Abandoned Child - (sad)

ponder the possible reason for Mother Elenas absence.

It never happened that she was late to come home ever since.

Could it be that she left me because she was tired of taking care of me? Well. The chance for that to happen was not zero.

Im not new to this scene so I know it can happen. My past can prove that.

However, because of the smell of food being cooked in the kitchen, there was no doubt that she had come home earlier.

In my successful analysis, I found out that those foods were not fully cooked yet, so she might have left before she finished cooking them.

What is the reason why she left it then?

Well, whatever it is, its definitely an important thing that she needed to prioritize over what she was cooking. And that may be the reason why she didn come home yet.

Normally, she would come back before noon, so I assume she did this time as well.

Judging the current time, I concluded that it was several hours already after she left again.

So that means… Something bad happened to her!

I frowned.

Mother Elena was the first person who cared for me. So, despite what I wanted to be, I at least wanted her goodness as the only person who showed a good treatment to me. Also, if Mother Elena would not come back, I have to raise myself all alone.

No, I didn mean I can . But honestly, it would be so very difficult for me.


Even if I wanted to look for her outside, I couldn .

These are dangerous times for someone like me to wander outside, especially since I haven gotten used to this place yet.

I don know what dangerous element is roaming around outside. It would be okay if I had the power of darkness.

Unfortunately, I don have any.

Just because I aspire to be an absolute villain doesn mean I have nothing to worry about.

For me, such thinking is not worthy to be called an absolute villain.

The absolute villain I aspire to is someone cunning. He knows when to take risks and when not to.

Its also possible that Mother Elena was just distracted by something, which is why she could not return right away. Maybe later she will come back.

So I better wait for now.

Again, morning came and Mother Elena still did not return.

This time, for the first time, I felt a sense of worry.

After drinking a bottle of milk that morning, I decided to take a walk around the house to find a clue about Mother Elenas disappearance.

As soon as I stepped out of the house, I immediately discovered something amazing.

I can see the house I came out of just now!

I hurried back, hoping that Im just hallucinating. When I stepped back, I noticed that I was inside our house again.

”As I thought, I truly just hallucinated earlier ”, I said to myself.

But, when I went out again, I couldn see our house again.

”Wait… could it be… our house is invisible from outside?! ” I exclaimed.

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