Absolute Villain

The most advance baby in the world

>Still, it was very early to judge. After all the bad things that happened to me, I grew to have less concern with anything related to relationships.

In my years of solitude, I came to get used to being alone and independent. However, that is only fine if I were an adult. In my current self, I think I should depend on my mother for the time being.

Currently, Mother Elena is not in the house. She went to a place she called a Guild. I wondered what guild she meant. Perhaps adventurers guild like those in fantasy stories that I read.

Every time she came back home, she was carrying supplies for our daily needs.


I jumped back inside my crib.

Sitting in a lotus posture inside it, I closed my eyes and tried sensing prana in my surroundings.

That day when I fell sick, Mother Elena mentioned how unconsciously my body was absorbing prana. She also looked very surprised at that time while staring at me with her eyes full wide.

The expression on her face at that time told me that it didn normally happen. That alone tells me that I have an affinity with magic.

I grinned.

My desire to become the absolute villain in this life is coming closer.

If someone asked me what is an absolute villain?

For me, an absolute villain is a villain who has immense power that is unmatched and can never be defeated. A frighteningly strong entity that even an omnipotent god could not harm.

Someone on an outerversal level in cosmology and dimensionality power-scaling. Haha. I don know if such power really exists somewhere. Well, well, that might be over the top or very exaggerated. But my desire to become the absolute villain wasn only on a level of a mere dream. Mine is limitless, endless, or boundless.

I am serious.

”Power… please bestow me… ” I said with a dramatic expression.

Sadly, after almost an hour of sitting, I still could not sense it. I could not sense the prana that Mother Elena mentioned before. How can I not sense it if even my body can subconsciously absorb it? This is just so out of sense.

My sore shoulders dropped dejectedly.

From a lotus position, I raised one of my knees and rested my elbow on it.

If someone sees me in my current posture, they will definitely be shocked. This is not common for a five-month-old baby to do. While in that posture, I looked at the empty space that was in front of me and mumbled to myself.

”Maybe theres a trigger to it. ”

I pondered and tried to think what it was. What it was that I needed to do. Maybe I need to open my meridians first, or maybe I need to temper my foundation first.

As I was in a deep conversation with myself, I came to remember something.

”Right, Mother Elena brought a book yesterday. Lets check if I can find anything useful there. ”

I quickly jumped out of my crib. However, my hand that was pivoting on its railing suddenly slipped. I lost my balance in the process.

I stumbled.

No! My head will hit the edge! I screamed internally.

My eyes widened at that moment as my vision was zooming toward the crib railings sharp corner.

Honestly, if my head hits the edge of the crib, my head will crack and it will certainly cause the end of my life.

At my current age, my skull and bones were still very fragile to any impact.

Then suddenly,




I groaned. A second after realizing I am alive, I quickly touched my head. Weird. My head seems fine. I didn feel any pain on it either.

In fact, it was my back that landed first on a soft cushion.

Wait… soft cushion? I quickly looked around me and noticed something unbelievable.

”Where is the crib? ” I asked.

The crib… it disappeared…

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