Lightning cracked through the dark clouds of the night sky, thunder boomed seconds later. Freezing rain poured down relentlessly onto the garden below. The full moons glow was masked by the large clouds of the storm, the land being covered in darkness. Darkness everywhere, save for a few small glowing embers around a small crater underneath a large maple tree.

From the crater emerged the cries of a newborn. It cried and cried throughout the night. It cried until a limousine moved near it. From the limousine a figure emerged and approached the maple tree, moving across the garden path, the cold frigid rain not seeming to have an effect on him. The closer the figure moved towards the tree, the fainter the cries became. It seemed that it had sensed the figures presence.

Stopping right before the tree, the figure was joined by another one much smaller figure. The two conversed with one another, discussing the situation.

”What is this? ” A feminine voice spoke to the other figure.

”A gift from the gods. ” A masculine voice came from the other figure.

”This child is our gift? ” The woman asked in disbelief.

”Yes, this child is a sign of greatness to come. ” The man said as he walked into the crater. Looming over the crater he took a good look of the child inside; it was a boy. The baby was inside of a small cradle and stared directly at the man in front of him.

No longer crying the baby reached its small hand out towards him with dark black eyes. The man stared back with his own, crimson-coloured eyes. The man gently picked up the child and carried him out of the crater, shielding him from the rain. As he emerged from the crater the woman quickly took the child in her hands.

Peering at the baby with violet eyes, the womans long silver hair flowed down and tickled the babys cheeks, who giggled at the feeling. She let out a small smile.

”Hes beautiful. ” She murmured.

”Yes. ” His deep gravely voice rumbled out.

”They summoned him? ” She asked him.

”Yes, the gods sent him down here to us. ” He said as he returned back to the limousine. ”Come dear, let us get out of this rain. ”

The two re-entered the limousine and the man called for the driver to return home. As they travelled back through the garden the two of them watched the baby as they travelled along.

”What should we name him? ” The woman asked.

”His eyes remind me of my great grandfather. ” The man rumbled. ”Bryson Colin Coldwater was a great man, who defeated entire armies by himself. He ruled his land with great power. ” The mans black gloved hand gently caressed the babys face.

Staring right into the eyes of the newborn the man whispered. ”I wonder if you can become even greater… Bryson. ”

”I can not wait for him to be introduced to his siblings. ” The woman said with a gentle smile still staring at the newborn.

”Well introduce him to them in the morning. ” The man said and the woman nodded in agreement.

Inside a massive pristine palace there were golden archways and marbled statues on every wall and pillar. In the middle of the room was a massive lavish throne, with soft pillowy cushions. On the throne laid a figure.

The figure was that of a beautiful woman. She had long flowing golden locks of hair, a gorgeous white silk robe adorned her perfect body, hugging it softly, a regal and mature aura emitted from her.

That is, if she wasn lazing about the throne so haphazardly. Cleaning her nails and listening to a band of musicians on the side play their instruments.

Seemingly from no where came flying down a heavily robed figure from the ceiling of the palace. Landing before the lady on the throne it kneeled down before her.

”My lady. The boy has been sent. ” The robed figure reported.

Immediately perking up from news. ”He has? Fantastic! ” She said ecstatically. Getting up from the throne she sauntered towards a massive screen and activated it. As it turned on it displayed the limousine that the two figures and the baby had entered driving through a massive garden and headed towards a massive mansion.

The lady watched the screen with glee. ”Its finally happening! ” She cried giddy with joy.

The robed figure had followed her to the screen and the knelt behind her. It shifted its weight awkwardly as the lady stared at the screen with glee.

”Um. My lady. Forgive me for interrupting. But… are the others aware of this? ” He asked hesitantly.

”Hmm? Who cares? They won be waking up. ” She said dismissively. The band playing in the background quickly ceased. All the members stared at her and then back at one another uncomfortably.

”But… we… we can just go against the will of the Great Six. ” The robed figure stammered out.

”This is the will of the Great Six. ” She said still not paying the figure any mind. ”They wanted heroes to save the world. I am simply speeding up the process. ”

”But the heroes need to be approved by them my Lady! It is there will! ” The robe figure said desperately.

”And my will means nothing? ” She hissed out. The robed figure tensed. ”Am I not the goddess Afa that all yearn for? ” She said finally turning around and stared down the robed figure, who in turn bowed even deeper into the ground.

The entire band stood there stock still not daring to make a sound as they watched this interaction. The lady, Afa, moved closer towards the robed figure.

”Are you telling me what I can and cannot do? ” She snarled.

The robed figure stood still, fear engulfing them. Before they could say anything, another figure appeared. Appearing in a plume of flower petals another figure appeared. He had a mix of red and blue hair and wore a great white robe and held a strangely purple wooden staff. The staff was curved at the end and had some strange gemstone attached to it.

The goddess Afa turned towards the newcomer; eyes narrowed. Before she can say anything th

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