A Bit of Short Stories

The serenity of his Death


The vision of the girl began running away from him.

”Come back, wait come back! ” He yelled after her

He tripped forward trying to run. He hit the ground and then pushed himself up. He did not want to be alone. Anything but alone at this point. He began to scurry. Blind panic set in causing him to forget about his condition. The started to run, gasping as he went. Spit slid down his mouth.

He could see her now relief flooded his veins. It slowed him down. Here he could rest. The man Rested on a street sign, as soon as he stopped, the vision of Serenity started running. He darted into the street chasing after her. Cars beeped and honked as he crossed. He collapsed beginning to drag himself through a park toward an apartment complex. Leaving trails of blood as he slid along the ground.

People began rushing to the dying mans aid. Some snapping pictures, others trying to get him to stay still. He ignored the hubbub surrounding him. He kept pressing forward as more people surrounded him. Some began screaming at him to stop moving, and to remain calm.

People tried blocking him from crawling any further. All he could see was their feet. His head moved side to side. ” Get out of my way, ” he Screamed as he continued. ”I need to make it to her . ” He tried changing his route, to press forward. Finding no escape route his hand fell on top of someones boot.

” Move! Move! ” He screeched lifting the top half of his body up. The people jumped back. Someone tried to get him to remain still. But he wasn having any of it. He found away from the group and continued on his way. His vision becoming a dull blur. He wanted to give in. He needed to give in, but he was so close to her.

He crawled toward a set of stairs leading up to the second-floor apartments. Sirens rung in the background. Just as his hand fell on the first step, his daughter was coming out of her apartment talking with someone. ” I can wait for you to meet my dad . ”

The man heard her voice and his head perked up. ” Serenity, Serenity, ” his voice at this point was no more than a whisper. ” Serenity, ” the woman she was with stoped her from going down the steps. ”Look there is a man there. ”

Serenity blinked frowning. Finally, looking down the set of stairs, She recognized his face. The pain etched on to it burned in her memory. Serenity dropped her purse and ran down the steps. ”Daddy! ” Tears were collecting in her eyes. ”Daddy whats wrong. ”

He Lifted himself up for the last time. The father managed to roll away from the stairs.

Serenity finally left the stairs and sat beside her father. Her hands hesitantly reaching for him. She saw the damage and pulled back. Her eyes were wide with tears cascading down her face. She looked at the ground. The person who was with her earlier was on the phone calling an ambulance.

”Serenity, ” The man rasped. ”Daddies sorry he won make it to dinner. ”

He reached his hand up. Serenity shaking managed to grab it and kiss it. ” Its alright; its alright. ”

She then placed his head in her lap. ” Daddy, its alright. ” After, he heard her voice his world went black.

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