Super - mega - special - box directly from Adri-nana :D

I haven´t time enough to say Thanks ありがとう as many times as Adri ( nana chan ) deserves for this, you can see it by yourself  ^ ^ Directly from Japan , I introduce you : the greatest box ever!!!!!

The super-mega -special - box included :

Delicious Pocky and Pretz
2 Pocari Sweat x 10 l to drink after a Kendo training ( おいしい!)
Tons of marvellous and great non expected Monster Hunter merchandising!!!
2 UT shirts from Uniqlo monster hunter special design :D ( you chose great )
Monster Hunter 3rd portable YIHA!
And always supporting the cause : kawaii cat book and magnet ^owo^

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  1. どういたしまして^^'
    I'm glad you liked the silly things I included :)