Asterios Polyp de David Mazzucchelli - recomendación de la semana


The title character, Asterios Polyp, is a professor and architect of Greek descent who teaches at an unnamed university in Ithaca, New York. After a lightning strike burns down the building in which he lives, he leaves the city and takes up employment as an auto mechanic in Apogee, NY (the place and occupation chosen seemingly at random). The novel is interspersed with scenes from his past, including his childhood and troubled marriage, as well as more fantastical scenes (including those narrated by his stillborn twin brother, Ignazio). Finally, he must confront not only his own dual nature, but the implacable and amoral whims of the gods themselves. ( wikipedia )


  1. !!!!
    a story about an architect! finally!!

  2. 100% recommended ;)