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July 2010 - Remake of HURBS project for the "Let´s not talk about architecture" competition

Quick brief - Hybrid Urban Adaptable & Sustainable System
-HURBS is a project aiming to reach the so often theorized sustainable urban environment1 through the development of adaptable design and participative tools.
-HURBS understands and addresses the city as a place where diverse and often contradictory interests meets. HURBS gets together parties that play a role in the complex urban system and allows them to work creatively in a sustainable collaboration.
-HURBS is an emergent and perfectible system, a participative interface assisting citizens shape the city.  HURBS makes the most of already existing tools –i.e. the web- to help social participation customize the urban environment, making this process transparent.

Any individual or group can be part of any and all parties and switch from one to another, therefore, the resulting interrelations between them and the development can be very complex. To simplify HURBS approach consists of three parts:
1. A comprehensive compilation of data –information & opinion- is gathered, analyzed and interrelated about any area of the city implementing a project. The data is orderly uploaded on a web page.2. The web page -as an intuitive and accessible tool- allows citizens to participate, playing the role most suited to their interests.  Every role is given many options and all of them are attached to programmed routines that affect and create urban patterns.3. The materialization of the resulting project through HURBS uses Grasshopper™ as a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino's 3-D modeling tools. This parametric approach addresses all scales (city, block, apartment), and every network emerged after the previous steps. 

for further information write mochi.nokotoba@gmail.com

January 2010 - IAAC selfsufficient CITY contest FIRST PLACE- HURBS project

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