Japan Trip part II - OSAKA 大阪 - yaki Anago pretz ( eel )

the first thing we did : Buy Unagi pretz!
From osaka
Pretz (プリッツ, Purittsu) is a Japanese snack made by Ezaki Glico. It is stick-shaped and similar in texture to a pretzel (hence the name). Unlike Ezaki Glico's other popular stick-shaped snack food, Pocky, Pretz is rarely sweet. Popular flavors include salad, "roast" (which despite its name, is a flavor composed of butter, honey and coffee), tomato, honey mustard ("American"), corn, pizza, butter, bacon, maple syrup, melon, spicy chicken ("Beer"), and cacao. Special flavours can be found in other countries such as larb in Thailand, pineapple in Hawaii, coconut in Guam and Saipan, maple in Canada, abalone in Hong Kong, and green tea, green pea, plum salt in Japan.

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