Bamboo vs Acer palmatum - Texture series in Kamakura

From nature
* Acer palmatum, called Japanese Maple or Smooth Japanese Maple (Japanese: irohamomiji; いろは紅葉 or いろはもみじ?) is a species of woody plant native to Japan, North Korea, South Korea, China, eastern Mongolia, and southeast Russia. Many different cultivars of this maple have been selected and they are grown worldwide for their attractive leaf shapes and colors. They are highly sought after and are relatively costly trees given their size. * Acer palmatum Thunb. 1784 (arce japonés, arce enano, arce palmado púrpura; idioma japonés:イロハカエデ irohakaede) es una especie de arce nativa de Japón y de Corea del Sur.

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