Another great site! - We can canvas (smoking not our future )

Muy apropiada para los fumadores en los propósitos de año nuevo ^ ^ http://www.wecancanvas.com


Love Qubicle constructor!

Download from http://www.minddesk.com/

Trying new layout Yeih!

Sorry for the inconveniences, i´m triying a new layout , which it´s called : Beyond the city and my desktop. It´s designed with a 3D pixel model program called Qubicle constructor.


Dos cosas desde Japón parahoy - Two things from Nippon for today - II personal obsessions

At last! Monster Hunter 3rd Portable on sale TODAY! ^____________-^ HURRAY!!!

Opening video :

Las navidades están cerca....

Dos cosas desde Japón para hoy - Two things from Nippon for today - I

Fantastic conference by Fujimoto Sou : Primitive Future in ETSAM